OCO "one cancels other"...HELP Please!

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by increasenow, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I use the GSTrader live and real..how do you set it to be in the OCO "one cancels other" mode?...I cannot find the instructions anywhere...thanks!! IncreaseNow!
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    Hello Increasenow,

    All depends on which order entry you use with the GST software, if you trade off the trading pad at the top you will notice "none" button select that option and additional window will pop open, at the top of that window you will see "none" again click on that and you will see a list of exit styles available. From there select the one you wish to use set the parameters and hit close at the bottom of the window. You should be set to go, if you need assistance directly from my technical staff we can walk you through it.

    Give us a call we are available 24 hours ready to help you.

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  4. Johnny...thanks for your help...what I am meaning is this...okay...it is 9AM...the minidow at 12500...I set a 12600 SELL order and a 12400 BUY order...what I want to happen is once the first gets hit (whichever one it is) for the other to be canceled and then the existing position exit according to my toolbox exit strategy...how could this be done?...thanks again for your time...IncreaseNow!
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    Ahh I see what you mean unfortunately OCO will only work for exiting orders for existing positions. At the moment there is no function to have an OCO for multiple entry orders.
  6. Johnny...I also read in the users guide that you can use the toolbox to ENTER trades?..is that true and possible?.I could not find out how to do this....thanks for your great help!!!! IncreaseNow!!!
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    The toolbox will only add an exit style to an existing position you are already in. If you want to use exit style prior to entering a position you must use the basic exit style option from the order entry fields.