Occupy Wall Street

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  1. https://occupywallst.org/

    Anyone involved and/or watching this unfold? It doesn't seem to be getting the media attention it could.
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    Probably because the biggest stakeholders in wall street have a major say in big media.
  3. There's apparently a media black out on this. I've been following it a bit on twitter and it sounds serious. Am not in New York though so I don't know the truth of it. But not even seeing a hint of it in the mainstream online news (BBC, Reuters, CNN etc).
  4. These people seriously don't know what they are protesting.

    Let's go back to no money down and interest only loans!

  5. "They are streaming through the Municipal building right now and are at the front gate of the castle. I guess the Chinese food delivery guys will have to deliver to the back door."



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    Why did it take them this long to start protesting, this should have taken place years ago, now all of the sudden they are protesting...

    How many bailouts, stimulus plans, TARPS and QEs does it have to take before people realize whats going on, I hope these people who are protesting know who BUBBLE ben bernanke is.
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    J Ski

    I saw a video and the police were spraying
    mace at some girls, that they had roped off
    in some of that barrier material.
    We make fun of the Europeans, but
    if that happened there, there would have been one hell
    of a riot.
    What has happened to us. We can't fight.
  8. Turns out it's like 2000 people tops and they are just random hippy complainers who hate the system because they don't understand it and got left behind by it in these tough times. There's a handful of people with something interesting to say but that's about it.
    Maybe there'll be riots like we had here in London, but the new york lot look like a bunch of confused middle class kids rather than any kind of disgruntled and unwashed underclass.
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    I don't understand it either. Profits are privatized, losses are socialized. Is that how capitalism supposed to work?
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