Occupy Wall Street Should Be Reading The Series 7

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  1. I have the simple solution for the occupy wall streeters. Why not pass around the Series 7 Manual and take the test. Become the new Wall street and lower the unemployment rate.

    Wall street firms should hire all the occupy protesters as new advisors and let them protest from within the sales pits of the firms. Train the new breed of Wall streeters so they can begin to understand what the market is all about.

    I think a new job stimulus plan offers tax incentives for new hires and stimulus for the company who hires them. Lets see : 5000- package 90 days to sink or swim- take the test - pass your in - (series 7) fail your out. 6 months later the market has more buyers and less sellers. Win Win.

    These days you can trade right from your Iphone and get quotes while your talking. :-()

    A bucket shop on every corner of wall street. Occupy the street from within. Take the series 7 and read it.

    Benefits-Take a series of new smaller companies public and keep the parks clean.
  2. this is a grass roots movement, we don't want to trade your crappy white shoe series 7 products. That's why we got a series 3 so we could trade the real thing.
  3. by the time we get done driving up the price of oil, even your series 7 Exxon will be begging for mercy.
  4. On a similar note, if the Left is so smart (and they must be, because they tell me so nearly every time they open their mouths) and the Right so dumb (which they must be, because the only other thing out of the Left's mouth, other than how smart they are, is how dumb their opponents are), why not just develop some new shiny trinket that will be irresistible to their political enemies (maybe something that combines cousin-love, NASCAR, oil rigs, oxycontin, guns and beef jerky, which seem to be the go-to insults the Left slings at non-believers), take all the Right's money via market-based transactions and use the proceeds to fund their utopia? Then, the Right would have no basis to complain, since utopia wasn't funded via a tax, but from profits. Win-win.

    The reality is that, despite their self-image, the typical Leftist/OWS supporter isn't smart enough to succeed within "the system", as they call it. Hence their need to imagine that there is some other "system" available to humanity (sorry, they've all been tried and the one we have is basically the last man standing. I know because I've checked the history books and they all lead to that inevitable conclusion), one in which they will be successful by dragging the rest of us down to their level. The fact is that there is more raw intelligence in the Strategic Planning group of any Fortune 500 company than there is in the entire OWS mob.
  5. The issue is long term planning and risk and here you are recommending a series 3. Can you buy commodities in a retirement account? The trader takes the 1/8th and the 1/16th ten times while the investor takes it short term and lives to tell about it on the golf course years later.

    A series 3 is like giving a two year old a mini AK 47 with additional clips in his nursery.

    Series 7, Then maybe a 65 then maybe a 3 in a few years either way unemployment problem solved by going slow.
  6. It's moot point now, you can trade forex at 40 to one without hurting anybody. Heck that''s what they all do anyway when they go to Mexico for the winter and exchange their dollars for pesos.
  7. Wall Street has a funny way of throwing money around to fix problems and this OWS won't be different. Giving the protestors jobs will quickly take them out of the parks when the time is right. If you can't beat em; and you can't beat the street, then join em.

    With every job gained you create tax revenue and you get tax breaks. You support the health care lobbyists and companies and then you create an environment of no excuses.

    If the focus goes from Shovel ready to Boardroom ready what do you think will be the outcome. These OWS individuals are the future leaders of the economy. Our system works through integration and wall street is one of the best integrators. They hire from the mail room to the boardroom but they have to start from somewhere.

    The choices are:
    A: Hire them to wall street
    B: Pass the Marijuana bill to sedate them

    I choose A:
  8. I like that analogy. Kudos :)
  9. we got 20 milion people unemployed, why doesn't the government just hire them all so we can start collecting some tax revenue from them?
  10. aw shucks, I thought we were going to have a good old fashioned argument, well, I gotta go, moved from the country to the city yesterday and everything is in boxes but I don't know which box a knife is in. It's a bitch opening a taped box with a car key. Carry on, logic will give you a good run for your money.
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