Occupy protestors call for emergency wealth tax on rich

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  1. Political campaigner Peter Tatchell also spoke to the crowds and proposed a one-off 20 per cent emergency tax on the net wealth of the richest 10 per cent of the UK population.

    He also wants the introduction of a 'Tobin Tax' on financial transactions.

    He said: 'The richest 10 per cent of the UK population have a combined personal wealth of £4 million, million. A one-off 20 per cent tax on those people would raise £800 billion.

    'Those people can afford it, they'd feel no pain, they're so fabulously wealthy. With that sum of money you could pay off the entire government deficit. No need for any public spending cuts.'

    At the same time, he said a Tobin Tax would 'reduce speculation and be good for the economy, and raise at least £100 billion a year. Within two years this would enable us to clear the entire Government deficit.'

    'Rich people who are not prepared to pay their way are traitors to this country, they're putting their own personal selfishness before the interests of the public,' he added.

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    Wait for this to hit the USA. Whatever these Euro goons suggest, it always makes its way across the pond.
  2. Sounds more the description of the tit-sucking parasites.

    Wanna put things back in balance? Cut off the tit-suckers. The ones who won't work will die of starvation. Cull a few hundred million of those lazy bastards and the survivors will be better off.... just as in the aftermath of the Great Plague in Europe. A significant proportion of the populace died... but those who survived enjoyed greater prosperity. The tit-suckers harm and degrade society... THEY are the problem.. and the government which panders to their selfish wants.

    Apparently Tatchell never heard, "two wrongs don't make a right".
  3. For starters, I think you're pretty sick in the head man

    Apparently you didn't either.

    The banks got the bailout on the backs of taxpayers. Nearly took down the system. Accountability is out of the question I guess.

    How many failed traders get bailed out? None, How man student loans got bailed out? None. How many CC holders got bailed out?


    Why the hell did the banks get bailed out. We're propping up failed business models, just so that they can fail again. When are we going to clean this garbage out of the system?
  4. You are pathetic. You're just as bad as they are. Look in the mirror.
  5. proposed a one-off 20 per cent emergency tax on the net wealth of the richest 10 per cent of the UK population.


    You mean everyone will go home if we do this? That's it? They are protesting for a tax increase and the game will be over?
  6. it says a 20% tax on net wealth. How long will it take the tax collectors to figure out who cheats and who doesn't? That seems seems pretty steep I could see maybe 10% on any liquid assets over 2 million plus the transaction would be doable. Then say 2 years down the road give the same people a tax holiday on cap gains and divs. 20% of a family's net worth is just insane.

    On a different note why isn't anyone telling these protesters that their skills are simply obsolete. We don't need that many grunt workers or baristas so stop having babies. If you want 5 kids go start a farm and live off the land.

    RP please saves us!!
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    +1 Scataphagos. looks like "protesters"(or "callers") have no clue about current problems and the right way to solve them..they are clueless idealists..just like their current president..
  8. These losers protesting have to do something otherwise all these dumb ass people would be sitting home watching I love lucy all day. God forbid they go out and get a job!
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    Hey! Why not go after the polititions too? They are getting filthy rich on insider trading. (And they passed a law making it legal!)
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    you are the one who is pathetic..Scataphagos have my respect cause he was in the army..have you serve your country? HAVE YOU?
    not only he did serve his country..if my memory serve's me correct-he is a vietnam war veteran.. ever been at war?
    you can tax the rich all the way you want..you can tax 99% of everyone's salary...get this trough your fucking empty head..without proper accountability in the government it fucking pointless...cause they will just piss your money away...ANY amount is not going to be enough...you just saw it with your current president,who piss away 4T ..let me repeat this once again-4T...four TRILLIONS...you can probably make the road to the moon and back with those dollar bills....and these money will flow right in their own pockets..theirs and the people who paid them to be elected..no...not the "voters"..forget those clueless average joe retards....those idiotic protesters are failed to point and deliver the RIGHT message..not to wall street..but right to their government,who suppose to regulate all this shit..
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