Occupy Dems Claim Black Men Are N*ggers

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  1. During a panel discussion on Friday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer asked of the Occupy Wall Street protests: "What's the civics lesson in this for our kids as they're watching this on TV?" News anchor Natalie Morales argued: "...there's a huge civics lesson....the idea of having that civil discourse is important to teach our kids and it's something in history we've seen."

    Meanwhile in the real world, a black man pulled a gun at the Occupy Portland protest and fellow protesters pulled knives during a filming incident after he was called a nigger.

    The Register Guard reported:
    So what is the civics lesson...RCG?
  2. "What's the civics lesson in this for our kids as they're watching this on TV?"

    Well you know the civics lesson will be whatever the teachers union says it is, because "children" learn in a union shop. Aww schucks, did I say shop, I meant school.

    Now if you're referring to the gun incident regarding "regular black folk" Al Sharpton cleared this up the other day.
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    The moral of the story is don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Right or wrong the guy with the gun wins.

    Democrats shouldn't be allowed to play with weapons, though. They aren't responsible.

  4. Those racists must have been Tea party interlopers.
  5. Happy to oblige

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Cz3isgUZe5Y" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. They probably were
  7. The biggest factor keeping people down is themselves. I'm all for "victims" who blame everyone but themselves going back home.

    At 4:28 Malcolm X said:
    I still believe the best thing for us to do is go back home to Africa

    At 5:15 Malcolm X said:
    Don't blame a cracker in Georgia for your injustices; the government is responsible for the injustices
  8. You know good and well RCG isn't going to respond to this, and if he does it will be an immaterial response.

    However, HE posted it, so that is to assume HE thinks blacks should go back to Africa.

    You'll note that it's okay for HIM to say that blacks would be better off going back to Africa, but if white people say it, then that's "racist". It's okay for HIM to say "I'm not an integrationist" but if YOU say that, it's "racist". Noticing a pattern here?

  9. What happend to Malcom 1-9? All you ever hear about is Malcom the tenth.
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    i hear more racist talk, by far, from Democrats than Republicans.. I've never understood that. It's like the solidarity aspect of being a Dem is the driving force, not the idea of actually improving things for everybody.

    Aren't people on the left living a delusion that sort of goes "we might be making things worse for ourselves in the near term but eventually it's all going to be good"?
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