"Occupiers" push Nov. 1 for U.S. to stop paying mortgages en masse.

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  1. Well, if your friend and neighbor have a shit-eating grin, and tell you they haven't paid, and are getting away with it, you'll be disgusted and won't pay either! - even if you have the money.

    Defaults are much harder to process than a single payment which is in total compliance.
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  2. I bought a new car.

    Oh wait it went down in value.

    I'm going to stop paying on the car.
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  3. This is nothing new however. There are legions of strategic defaulters around the country who just decided to play a game of "chicken". It's played no small part in consumer spending since probably 2008 and there are anecdotal accounts of the number of people who have been "legally" squatting inside of their dwellings with nary a bother from the institutions which cannot locate title to the property in question.
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  4. Even if Nov. 1 doesn't have the "critical mass" to push a bank over the edge, then you just pay a couple of months late, and say "sorry". The bank does NOT want to own your house.

    Protesters can then probe for another date which will clog the system.
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  5. I'm pretty sure most of the Occupiers and their supporters dont even own houses. Look at these people...

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    its not going to work because the fed can easily print and hand the money to the banks that has bad debts, and in doing that u can be sure the banks will end up getting more, of course, by looks of it they are going to continually do that whether there is an excuse or not
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    These bastards can cause housing and financial crash and make those who currently have jobs........................also jobless bums like OWS donkeys.

    A law should be made that Facebook and others will be held liable if some gathering or events is directly related to their services which causes chaos and disturbance in the society.

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  9. I'm pretty sure most of the Occupiers and their supporters dont even own houses. Look at these people...

    Ass nine statement. And what, some idiot wearing a suite working at some Corporation is an indication of a home owner?

    Looks have nothing to do with owning a home.

    Most people who "Looked" like they own homes are the very scumbags who are defaulting, leaving the rest of us with the fucking bill.
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  10. Think of all the jobs that will be created by the banks hiring more people to process all the new foreclosures caused by not paying your mortgage. It would really serve these OWS dirtbags right.
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