occupier nut jobs: "Get rid of capitalism and everyone will make $115k per year.

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    If we replaced capitalism with democracy:
    •Everyone in society would be wealthy as a birth right
    •You would get paid an income of at least $115,000 per year
    •The work week could be cut in half
    •People would no longer have to do menial work
    •There would be no difference between work and play
    •Interest would be eliminated which would cut your mortgage in half
    •Crime would be virtually non-existent
    •We could fast-track the transition to a green, renewable economy
    •You would get paid to go to school, not the other way around
    •There would be no such thing as recessions or unemployment
    •And nearly every social problem we have would be gone

    You gotta love the way these nutjobs dream... "people would no longer have to do menial work" I guess toilets will clean themselves, crops will harvest themselves, and stores will restock shelves magically without the use of people.
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    Take it easy man, they might find out who you are and take a dump in front of your door.
  3. Sheesh. This is like taking the most naive hippy ideas from the 60s and putting them on steroids, growth hormones and amphetamines. Even John Lennon must be spinning in his grave and regretting he wrote "Imagine."
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    at least some of the hippies could write and sing.
  5. Where do they get 115k a year? If everyone got everything all the time, why do you even need money? What's the point? As soon as money enters the system, there's going to be some guy who figures out how to get more money than other people.

    Then, basically, we'd have the other problem that everytime someone was born, they'd dilute our purchasing power. We'd have to give them money every year, so each new birth would essentially create more money to chase after finite resources. Every pregnancy would be like printing money, so as long as births > deaths, you'd have inflation. So what I'd want to do is kill everyone else and have as many kids as possible to control a larger share of the monetary pie.
  6. so scary.

    we're not a democracy, we're a republic. there's a very big, important difference.


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  8. The USA has really become a nanny state unfortunately and these people think the world owes them something.
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