Obviously if we banned knives this would never happen

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    How many victims in this attack died?
  4. Two are in critical condition and may die. I do hope they recover.

    "Two people remained in critical condition Tuesday evening at Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute, spokeswoman Alex Rodriguez said."

    The bottom line is that banning weapon types does not work. I can understand that having mental health background checks, not allowing 'straw' sales, and banning private sales at gun shows may potentially be legislation that reduces gun crime & keeps guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable. However with so many guns already existing in America - banning gun types or magazine types (which can be created with 3D printers easily) is a futile effort.
  5. Back when my father went to school (near WW2) - all students were allowed to keep guns in their dorm rooms. Many of them used them for hunting on weekends or were part of ROTC programs.

    When I went to school, the university (same as my dad's) did not allow guns to be kept in dorm rooms. The school did offer shooting classes for phys ed, and ROTC stored their rifles in lockers & were allowed to march around campus with them when in uniform.
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    All ROTC rifles had firing pins removed except for match rifles in the 60's.
  7. I don't know about this. The ROTC guys showed up to the firing range with their rifles directly after my phys ed class (where we shot 22s) and shot them. Their rifles appeared to have firing pins but the ammo was only provided when they showed up.
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    The match .22's would have firing pins. All the M1's had no firing pins, at least in my school.
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    Guns aint the problem. Sickness of society is. Wonder where that came from. Any Guesses?
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