**obvious Trade In Qyd And Aapl About To Occur Read***

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  1. Every summer right around now in July there has been a trade worth making on the long side with AAPL and QYD. Look at the charts.

    There are about 80-90 (out of 100) stocks in the QQQQs moving under their 50 day moving average right now. When this has occurred in the past, there has usually followed a nice little bump to the long side.

    Therefore, with so many depressed stocks and the seasonality is in favor of going long the QYD and AAPL...I say go long right now both and then sell in early October. After October in past years, anything seems to go. The guaranteed trade is to long right now and dump in October or right when 70 stocks out of 100 in QQQQs are above their 50 day moving average. They do have a chart on stockcharts.com in regards to these stocks over/under their 50 day....
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    Thanks, I'm going to do the exact opposite come Monday morning.
  3. Why the heck would you go long Apple?

    At some point all these idiots who are spending several hundred on iCrap are going to run out of money.

    Go drive to a local mall and walk around. Traffic is down in the Apple stores.
  4. Wait until it breaks above that top line on volume. NDX equities are so depressed right now that a turnaround right now is very possible and could last until October. I say when it breaks above then go long and no matter what dump on October 1st.

    If it breaks below the bottom, then it will be a short, but I dont think it will. Also, I've tried the Iphone and the new Blackberries. Iphone is much better and usable. I wouldnt doubt the iphones strength. Dont let the economy be an excuse. People buy electronic gadgets no matter what the economy looks like.


    Here is the chart of issues that are above the 50 day moving average. Statistically speaking, when this index has been at a low point then it was good to go long the QQQQs. However, when this rose above 80 then it was a good time to get short the QQQQs. Id be a buyer of the QLD and then wait until the amount of issues go abover 70 then dump and consider the QID.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    Can you show a chart that goes from 2000 through today?
  6. Now that's a good one!!! :D

  7. Here is another interesting chart of the QQQQs.

    Last week, the QQQQs stopped right at 44.28 and did not go any further. Each time it has gone either above or below that point it required huge volume meaning we need lots of volatility to make it through that point on the chart.


    Here is another chart. The NDX isnt as bearish as it could be, but its at a point where it could head higher. This chart demonstrates the number of PNF charts that are bullish on the NDX.

  8. I sure can post that year 2000 chart for you. Take a look.

    This illustrates my greater theory about Apple. You may dismiss the use of Keltner channels, but someone who uses these channels would have been rewarded quite well with Apple. It goes to show that you should look at charts on every level to include all data.

    Whats happening here is called a macro move where the price shakes down about 50% of the move before it goes into a pricing climax. This is what happened with oil in the start of 2007.

    My target price on Apple should it break through that top line on my prior chart is 290.

  9. AAPL and the nasdaq in general are tradable for a bounce. But holding for 2-3 months is not the trade. You've got to get in and out. This market is in a downtrend and needs an oversold bounce to shake out the weak shorts. But then it's going to resume lower through late August. So in my opinion, this isn't the best opportunity, but is good for a quick bounce.
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    if u start wiyh apr 07 on that last graph Port,you will see an obvious 3 step pattern the usual result of these is back to the bottom of the first step,aapl back in th 90's price range
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