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    This is so obvious, that it never dawned on me until recently: schools should invert how we do homework and how we learn. So, instead of the teacher teaching a class live, and then we go home and do homework, it should be the other way around. We should school ourselves with professional videos (perhaps taped by the teacher herself) at "home", then do our homework at school in the presence of a teacher that can see where the learning is not happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, from the teachers experience on that, she goes and tweaks the video, or expands it or breaks it up into parts based on problems encountered during the homework (it is now called schoolwork) sessions. This puts the emphasis of realtime human-human interaction in the problem solving part, not the rote learning and memorization part, which encourages creativity!

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    Now, if I can get rid of "tests"....
  2. That hs been going on for years, except they do not go to school to do homework. I know several teachers who have been teaching kids for years online. My sisters kids have been homeschooled for over 6 years now.
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    Right, but then that is because there is someone that helps with the homework. I claim that teachers are more valuable in helping with homework than in instructing on the actual material. Not only that, it encourages being a self-learner since it engenders the right habit of learning on your own instead of being spoon fed.

    Your way works for parents that can afford a parent to stay home. For most of the population, this doesn't work anymore since most people need two incomes to survive.
  4. Yes, that would be a great way except for one thing. many people adults and kids cannot teach themself how to tie a shoestring much less their lessons.
  5. Ours are home schooled. Including Khan's material.

    Most school districts, at least in North America, are essentially commercial real estate operations. For the same money being spent now, every kid could be privately tutored in their own home, except in that case most of the money is actually going to pay the educator.
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    Really? I thought the buildings of public schools are owned by the state? I suppose you mean colleges and private schools?