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    anyone of u stock traders have an opinion on this indicator,seems like it should help. itried it,but could'nt make it smooth out. different settings did not help.stock traded 4 mil. shares, could vol. be too light?HELP!!!!:confused:
  2. weld1,

    Via reading some of your past posts...you seem to be either new to trading or jumping from one trading method (tool) to the next one.

    This is not good for trading to be doing this in the beginning.

    In fact...things tend to become confusing and stressful.

    I highly recommend you slow down...

    concentrate on trying to master one trading tool...

    learning its strength and weakness...

    do this for several months.

    Then go to the next topic.

    Have you found any traders to meet via exploring those Florida hook up threads?


    I mean...have you private message anybody to get started...to meet and to help you one-on-one?

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    I used to do a lot of system testing and I put OBV into every system for a while and threw it out every time.

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  6. something like obv is too simplistic. No simple indicator like that is going to give a true reading of supply / demand. If only it were that easy.
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    Sentiment and greed...nothing else matters!<g>

    AMZN, beyond reason?

    The commands of the lord are radiant,
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