Obummer must be loving this

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    Fox news just showed a new poll stating ocommunist is leading Ohio by a 4pt spread, VA by 1.5, and FloriDUH by 1.5.

    Guess America has the full blown 15 second attention span as the national news has done nothing but broadcast middle east shit, and people seemed to have forgotten the disaster of the last 3+ years. It's like Romney disappeared over the last week.

    I'll note, Romney is being outspent by ocommunist, and sadly, I'm not seeing ANY Romney commercials. On top of that the national news isn't reporting on ANY Romney speeches, or anything Romney is doing.

    The only national news I can stomach is Fox. WHY aren't they sticking with their guns?

    Money, ratings?

  2. Quit whining and short Romney.
  3. Mitt Romney : Sharron Angle :: Barack Obama : Harry Reid

    Today's elections: horrible incumbents but even worse challengers.
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    When the polls are "unskewed" Romney takes a lead outside the margin of error in national polls and I suspect the same occurs in the individual state polls.

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    This is what jem posted in his "Romney Looks Like The Next President" thread:

    jem honest polls...

    Rasmussen (Sunday) 3-Day Tracking 46 47 Romney +1
    Gallup (Sunday) 7-Day Tracking 48 45 Obama +3
  6. I got news for all you rabid liberals salivating at the prospect of another obama win.

    The producers here amongst us don't really care "personally".

    It's not like more socialism is going to hurt us more than it's going to devastate those of marginal utility to society ( you know who these people are the democratic base of useless leeches).

    I guarantee things will be worse in another 4 yrs of obama-nomics.
  7. No doubt about it. Another 4 graduating classes of students moving back in with their parents and jobless saddled by debt.

    My hats off to obama and the press though. They have successfully got millions enrolled in gov't handouts and subsequently convinced them it's okay and they will vote for this shithead again.

    If you have a conversation with somebody and they tell you they are unemployed, underemployed etc. ask them if they voted for obama. If they answer yes, tell them it's their own fault and to not complain.

    Hopeless and pennyless 2012

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    Well said!
  9. 8% unemployment for an entire presidency and obama is leading in polls?

    well, if the polls are true then guess what, congrats to the dems and thier allies (media) because they have succeded in the art of mind control of an entire nation.

    congratulations, job well done. :cool: north korea has been at it for decades so yes, it can be done.
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