Obummer makes being addicted to welfare easier

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    Couldnt believe this. Obummer loves to string out the never will work's by allowing them to run errands, and write a diary vs work. Yep, Republicans are sure to shoot this one down today.

    Write a diary? Really???? Ever hear of temporary relief, then a fucking job?!?!:mad:
  2. no comprendez...:confused:
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    Of course not. If you "comprended" then you'd be as batshit crazy as he is.
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    Meaning you don't have to work. You can write a diary, and that's supposedly good enough. And running errands? That one got me too. Who are they supposed to run errands for?:confused:
  5. I understand your frustration, it must be terrible to carry the weight of the 47 percent of freeloaders out there.
  6. This refers to the work requirement under the welfare reforms that obama has been accused of gutting.

    Instead of actual work, states are allowed to accept "journaling" as an activity. Clearly, romney was correct inhis accusations, which of course the mainstream media howled about.

    The media claimed that Obama was just giving the states more flexibility, but the only states who wanted more flexibilty were the ones who didn't want to enforce the work requirement in the first place, ie liberal democratic states like Illinois.
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    It is actually and some of us self reliant tax payers who still believe in personal responsibility are tired of it.
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    Themselves. Run to the store for milk, pick up the drycleaning, shop for a new dress, pick up some lobster on my EBT card for dinner, run and get a case of beer and some wine for my welfare friends who are coming over, etc. etc.

    It's hard work being unemployed and on the government dole. :D
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    Exactly! It's about respect, let's get it done attitude, and yes, personal RESPONSIBILITY. Can't believe it's now almost fashionable to be an unemployed, will never work waste of space. I'm so tried of it!:mad:
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