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Discussion in 'Options' started by rmark, Jul 25, 2007.

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    I've been day trading and swing trading stocks for years in addition to my investments in my own IRA and in my firm's 401k.

    I've self-studied options trading and want to begin with conservative trades of calls and puts - without yet getting into straddles and strangles. However, as you are likely aware, my broker requires that a questionnaire be completed pursuant to Exchange rules. That questionnaire asks about specific options trading experience. I feel as I did when I was trying to get my first job out of grad school - you need experience to get the job, but no one will hire a candidate without experience.

    Any suggestions as to how and where I should begin to go about opening a brokerage account with the ability to trade options is greatly appreciated.


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    it's your money, enough said. As far as brokerage lets you trade option in your IRA check with think or swim, if they don't offer it you will have to go thru some broker/custodian that handle this, one of them is Sterling Trust I think.
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    Dear Sir

    1.thinkorswim have good platform (unix capable) but author have had conflict with CEO S.Scheridan from simple ground
    in court
    (CEO is alsov ex-market-maker of CBOE)
    author opinion avoid
    2. Interactive broker is market maker through tmwd
    and price for direct routing is not better (1.75 $ per option)
    author opinion avoid

    3.MBT have low cost 1$ per contract ,but avoided non USA clients ,platform is only downloading(hno extra html reserved version)

    4.. Optionsxpress ,you can ask direct routing without extra surchage and trade ... straddle ,strangle ,spread &
    Account opening is simple

    Clear order entry have limitations against TOS ,but you can use J.Medwed downloading soft without cost.

    12.95$ for 10 contracts

    5 .You can try ameritrade,that alsov direct routing,J.Medwed
    2 month without ticket charge ,but after that some more
    expensiver 9.95$ + 0.75 per contract

    Your respectfully

    Not forget ,that possibly small company would offer
    some advantage in price ,but small company against public
    is extra risk .

    To avoid extra conflict ,please write to BOX and ISE
    you would receive regulator position
  4. RM I've been trading options in an IRA with thinkorswim for two years and have been very pleased with customer service/platform and the fact they allow ALL defined risk plays in an IRA. In addition they do offer a free seminar on trading options in your IRA. You might check it out.