Obtaining extensive Intra-day FOREX data

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    Hi there,

    This is my first post so excuse any faux pas.

    I am searching for tick level or minute level data for as many years back as possible for the major FX pairs.

    I'm sure this data MUST be publicly available somewhere... and I know it's probably pretty huge but shouldn't be too bad compressed.

    I seek to use this data for backtesting [of course].

    Best Regards,

    E.P. Frederick
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    good luck
  3. Infidel


    Really that much of a hard thing to come buy?

    Even to purchase?
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  5. Check here forex is in the menu :

  6. I'm not sure if this is enough resolution and have not checked the quality of their data but,


    has 5 minute intraday data for what appears to be a reasonable price of $200 US for eleven pairs with 5 minute data since 2000 and 15 minute since 1997/98.

    - Curtis
  7. Infidel


    Thank you very much for the leads everyone!

    The russian site harrytrader posted seems to pipe out all the 1 min or tick level forex data you'd ever want!

    Do you use this data source yourself Harry? Have you found any major discrepancies or bad data?

    I think I'm just going to take it on faith because at first glance it looks pretty good!

    Best Regards,

    E.P. Frederick
  8. I have never looked at forex I had just the link in my bookmark and so posted it :).

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