Obsessed with trading.

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    I'm obsessed with trading guys..
    I'm 19.. have worked at some prop firms, and am already on my way to earn a CMT..

    However, i'm sooo obsessed with the markets!!
    m suppose to be studying but im looking at market stratgies or goldman sachs or something else!!


  2. Obsession is a necessary straight of a profitable trader. If you're not obsessed with your work how can you compete with those who are following every tick and every little bit of data?

    If you feel this way find a place to trade with little no capital and trade trade trade.
  3. the CMT is a gimmick / fraud.

    obsession is good, good luck!
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    yeaaa but its really too much i find!!
    but thanks guys, your words mean a lot!
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    Obsession that leads to intense study is a very good thing. Someone asked me a while back how I progressed so fast. A combination of necessity and 60-70 hours a week of market immersion for about a year and a half. (I imagine I could've progressed a whole lot faster if I wasn't so hard-headed.)
  6. Just start watching other people fail.

    Maybe you'll become obsessed with failing.

    Alternatively, watch DEXTER!
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    i know, its just it kinda affected my marks ( i went from a A/A+ to a A-/A student)
  8. I read somewhere top achievers of MBA students are not top quarter in class, but the second quarter. B+ and above is more than enough, more than that you are not using your time/energy efficiently.
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    if you arent obsessed with trading then you arent doing it right.
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    What do you mean by needing 'action'?
    do you mean constant exposure to the market?
    That's not the case for me.
    It's just I want to know everything. I want to know how the 30-year bond market affects the market. I want to know what's happening.

    II will spend hours upon hours figuring out strategies, looking at new investment opportunities, etc.. etc.. Just the other day, I was thinking about trading coffee since not many people were doing it. You know, things like that. I'm always looking for opportunities.

    Right now i'm enjoying 10-15% gains per year, at 19 this is good, but I just love the markets so much--I love inefficiencies, I love how contracts function, ETC.. ETC....
    It's just it distracts me from being an A+ student in bullshit courses like management/marketing/psychology.

    I am starting my finance major in the summer, AND Honest to god, it will be a breeze and fun...

    now my goal is to get in a program that requires a minimum of an A- average, so given that yes A- is very important for the future of my career in finance....

    when you have other goals in life, trading can distract from achieving those goals. I mean before my dad gave me his bank account to manage I was hitting A+ in all the bullshit courses, but then when i started to manage money.. grades drop a bit, and now im scared to not make it into the elite honours portfolio management program!
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