Observations, on being.........

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  1. In your early thirties.
    There is a huge disparity, regarding experience, trading, life, opportunity, and many other things, demonstrated quite amply here on these boards.

    Does anyone have any ideas, comments, thoughts, on this particular age group, as it applied to them at the time, as they observed others at this time, anything in particular?

    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me........
    Yah for me!!

    I really like birthdays, they suggest in no uncertain terms you arent yet dead.
    There just great!!:D
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    The weirdest thing to me is the relization of how much as a younger person I was controlled by hormones. I did things that I simply have no desire to do now.

    Once they calmed down, it was like I had been possesed. Remember in the show The X-Files the black oil that would take over people? That is what in retrospect I felt like - hormones are alien "black oil."

    Happy Birthday