Obsama will never get to the ballot, he's not natural

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  1. No, not talking about his hairdo.


    Seems he was dropped outside of USA soil and he does not qualify to run.

    Sorry. Now salute President McCain and get on with your miserable life.
  2. This myth has been debunked now, at least, 3 million times.
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    Actually it has not be debunked. Obama won't allow access to the vault certificate of birth which would solve everything. Until he does allow access (or the court orders it) we will not know whether he is a natural born citizen or not.

    So the natural question is why doesn't Obama allow access to the vault certificate of birth? It is certainly suspicous that he is doing everything legally (and perhaps illegally) possible to keep his vault certificate of birth from being publically exposed. Why, if it would validate him? :confused:
  4. Because Hillary Clinton has dug dirt on him (Wright, Ayers...) Everything came out during the primaries. There is "nothing" you sound desperate and pathetic . Attack him on the issues, or you lose.
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    She did not have access to the vault version, so she doesn't know either.
  6. Obama has disclosed his birth certificate. Pictures are available on the web showing the seal and all.

    McCain has not allowed access to his birth certificate, and the Panama hospital he was born at does not have a record of his birth.

    I ask you: who gives a shit. Are you that bereft of interest in politics that you are so indifferent to which candidate might have better policies?
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    No other candidate has EVER had to supply the "vault version". You sound like a retard gasping his last breath. This bullshit is beyond ridiculous. Words can't describe how pathetic you McCain dead-enders are.

    Why don't you make like a rat, er, Sarah Palin and abandon ship now? She's already campaigning for 2012, based on the distance she's putting between herself and John the Loser.
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    That is not the vault certificate of birth. It proves nothing. That is what the law suit is about. If the issued version was satisfactory the judge would have tossed the suit already.
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    Real birth certificate.

    Fake birth certificate.
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