Obsama quits his racist Church

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, May 31, 2008.

  1. Day late

    $ short.
  2. not at all.. mccains preachers are much worse... hagee is an animal.
  3. crawl back into your hole, rat.
  4. since when are you a hagee or parsley lover? i know you mock their type.
  5. It's not about hagee.

    We're talking Obsama.

    Someone elses dirt is irrelevant.
  6. I thought it was always about the children.

    Mccain did not subject his children to 20 years of hagge hate.

    Obama's children have lived and breathed hate from their church.

    Got to reflect on the mother, Michelle.

  7. you can scream as much as you want. The facts are republicans are crooks.

    People like you have destroyed the USA by supporting crooks and criminals.

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    So what else is new?

    How's your virtual fund doing in this "bull market"?
  8. this is a thread about obama. you guys on the left can't take any criticism of your your guy, so you just hijack threads.

  9. yes.. i agree. no one should call out mccain whose preachers are much worse than obama's. yes.. do not dare bring that up. the republican crooks are much better than the democratic crooks.

    jay? could you please tell us what we can say from here on out?
  10. Yannis


    IMAO: I Just Can't Quit You

    "So if you took the Daily Kos, and instead of writing diaries, you have the people come up and say that on a pulpit, I guess that's basically Obama's former church Trinity. And you can't say they don't represent a wide assortment of views there because they even invited over some cracker priest to preach inane, race-baiting political views.

    So what caused Obama to finally leave Trinity United Church of Crazy? Did one day start talking about how Jesus died for everyone's sins and Obama was like, "I've been attending this church for twenty years, and I've never heard such craziness. Leave the Jesus talk for the red states. I came here to hear a paranoid rant about whitey!"

    Know what Obama should try? Kabbalah. I hear its big in Hollywood.

    Anyway, word is Obama has now left a ton of groups just in case to avoid any more controversy.


    * Weight Watchers

    * The New Weather Underground

    * Colombia House

    * The Decepticons

    * An exclusive country club that doesn't allow crackers to join (or the Jews, of course)

    * The Foot Clan

    * The Ku Klux Klan (he attended meeting with his grandma)

    * Gold's Gym

    * The Super Adventure Club

    * Team Rocket

    * The state of Illinois

    * The Democratic Party

    * The Obama family"

    :) :) :)
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