Obsama outraged?

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  1. Where was he for the last 20 years?

    Better yet, lets make sure we know where he is for the next 20 years.

    Not the Whitehouse.
  2. ==========================
    Listening to Ren Wrught/Rev Wrong, who likes Louis Farrakhan, Jimmy Carter/PLO

    Jimmy Carter, enemy of Israel;
    said to Larry King past 7 days he would stay in a church like Rev Wright bosses.

    Been listening to Rev Wright much more but no more[than necessary ];
    he snarls like a wolf in sheep clothing/false prophet .He also
    ==========================================likes to ''prophesy smooth things ,prophesy deceits'' to his dark audience.
    ITS his JUVINILE REMARKS/ insults/ VOTING RECORD-2nd amendment & liberal TAX raiser.......

    Private sector Charity/church synagog is so much more efficient, loving;
    than big gov.

    Walmart {PRIVATE SECTOR-PRIVATE SECTOR}was first in Hurricane Katrina judgement area with bottled water,thank God;
    but that is highly questionable whether theytaxpayers should EVER rebuild that city below sea level. Katrina proved gov is not GOD,gov is never GOD.

    Big gov types like Barack Hussein Obana steal freedoms,wastes WAY to much money/steal freedoms;
    in contrast,private sector does it so much better than much of big /overweight wasteful gov.:cool:
  3. I warned you morons

    Yeah, you, moron