Obomb advisor: USA getting less prosperous as it gets more ethnically diverse,racist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Jan 5, 2011.

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  2. jem


    what a bunch of misleading junk.
    Diversity destroys... melting pot strengthens. Diversity causes balkanization and creates lots of separate groups of outsiders.

    Melting pot causes people to join the majority - the more successful culture (otherwise why the immigration?) Why allow the inferior culture to drag down the superior culture? Its ass backwards thinking and it is why america is suffering right now.
    Join our country --- great.. learn the language join in, work you way up. Get english sounding names, become one of us we are a happy accomodating people as a whole... Sure our union guys and progressives are likely to bash you in the head at first( as you are a threat to their jobs and wages) ... but our libertarians and conservatives will be happy to give you jobs if you communicate well.

    Diversity support and the large govt programs which encourage diverse groups to not melt in cause the country to be less prosperous.

    When previous waves of immigration happened, we did not have the "safety net" of govt give aways. The had to take care of themselves, take any job they could and work their way up the ladder.

    They were not encouraged to do nothing and receive got payments and health care by a large groups of govt welfare workers whose jobs depend on dependent welfare people.
  3. Don't you know? Taking a lot of people from poor, economically unproductive countries makes your country richer and more productive. Like taking kindergarteners and putting them in college improves your university's academic output. It is the magic of diversity!! Everyone knows increasing the differences between neighbours is the ultimate way of ensuring trust, cohesion and group efficacy. Don't look for common ground if you want to build a useful relationship (society = a massive web of relationships) no, look for no common ground at all. That is the basis of a good relationship, and a good society, the least common ground/most diversity possible.