OBL's next move

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Dec 8, 2008.

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    And Obama has figured it out!

    Personal and national HUMILIATION...on a grand scale.

    Humiliation is, for a man in that part of the world, a fate worse than death. (Sorry...women don't count over there.) It also insures that new recruits will be drawn to the cause for years to come--still the primary goal of any action by Al Qaeda at this point.

    I always wondered why Obama was so explicit in saying that bin Laden must be either captured or killed, ASAP. Doesn't sound much like an ultra left-wing dove. I think he can envision a scenario in which Al Qaeda could deliver him the option, as president, of converting to Islam in 24 hours, or seeing 50,000(?) Americans die by some dirty bomb planted in central Chicago! :eek:

    Does anyone really believe that it is because of Bush's competence that we haven't had another major domestic attack since 9/11?

    It's all a part of the plan...to be continued.
  2. Your entering Stocktrad3r clarity.
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    LOL...I knew I was on the cusp of something.
  4. Are you saying Obama is going to try to bring humiliation to Osama?
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    Ideally, yes...as death would only bring martyrdom. This is where W totally missed the point when he said of his mission regarding bin Laden, "It isn't personal."