Obligatory health insurance will bankrupt most small business?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Health care can go for about $1k per month, which is a very significant portion of lower wages.

    So, if small businesses are forced to pay health insurance they will fire many workers to keep up with the increased expenses?
  2. They can just reduce worker's salaries by $1k/month. Problem solved.
  3. Yep - for the small business.

    For the employee, not so much. And the poor schmuck doesn't have the option to not have health insurance because Mistress Pelosi knows what's best for him.
  4. Will small businesses be required to offer health insurance, if they have a certain number of employees or less?
  5. I think the payroll is the criteria..something like 500K or over.
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    Like 6 avg employees and 2 managers for a company size---not indexed to inflation---boy this sure looks like a homerun--can't see how this could go wrong
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    Well that's alright. Those who get laid off get to fall back on the subsidized public plan paid for by the American taxpayer, at least what will be left of them.

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    We all know the employer will not hesitate to lay-off staff wherever necessary to comply with these new regulations.
  9. Yep. That always works so well everywhere it's tried that we're the only country seriously considering creating this fall back. But don't worry. The Obamessiah has a plan to save or create all kinds of shit.