Obligatory Chicken Little Thread...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackchip, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. The stock markets are never going up again.

    The economy is fubar.

    The $dollar is going to zero.

    That is all.

  2. wabrew


    And to make matters worse, they cancelled Christmas.
  3. LOL.

    how much worse can it get?

  4. Actually, they did.

    Apparently Islamic scum are going to bomb malls in LA and Chicago before Christmas. Sure as shit won't help retail sales. Except maybe gun stores... :(
  5. You are close...Markets will be down most days for awhile, Economy is way worse than Kudlow Goldilocks
    says and the Dollar is worthless.

    The market double topped and I think if we crack the lows in August, bye bye!

    No way our economy can do well with rampant foreclosures, oil at $100, a plunging dollar, massive downsizing in high paying jobs that are being replaced with low paying jobs, credit card levels at records, and a housing market on the verge of the worst meltdown in history.

  6. another one of these threads
  7. patoo


    Kudlow is a Johnnie-One-Note just like Rukeyser was, worthless.

    Greenie, on the other hand, is beginning to scare me.

    This where stock_trad3r learns how to short

  8. You forget. GDP is measured with inflated prices. And with the Fed's money-pump, we can avoid "official" recession even if things get considerably worse (along with the lies about how great we're doing, of course.)
  9. hbiawos


    Goldilocks has effected a "soft landing" in the Cayman Islands where she opened an off shore account that's short the U.S. markets. As for Larry Kudlow, he's a brain-damged zealot whose "greatest story" incessantly told bordering on the delusional.
  10. This is the end of civilization on earth as we know it! :D

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