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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Joe Doaks, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Much as I enjoy a good mud fight, it is time to stop ad hominem attacks and cite specific perceived deficiencies of the method. One benefit of rational dissent, as I have found many times with Jack's adherents, is that they are willing to be drawn into serious discussions if they don't have to endure infantile abuse. So kindly humor an old man and listen to what I have to say. And please call me a fool gently. If you MUST be ugly, at least try to do it in a good-humored way. I do not know the catechism backward and forward, so no doubt I have some of it wrong. Like the Gospels, the versions differ, and I have formed a mental image of SCT equivalent to the presumed once-to-have-existed Quelle. And clearly I am from an inferior sect, as I trade only NQ, never ES. So to begin.

    Objection #1: Spydertrader states most vehemently that SCT works on any instrument having sufficient liquidity. I assert that this is not true based on the one counter-example of NQ, which clearly has sufficient liquidity, but which, in my experience, significantly fails to be consistently tradeable by SCT.

    Edit: Comments would be appreciated from anyone who has attempted to apply SCT to other instruments, successfully or not.
  2. Sending a Sock Puppet to announce one wishes to hold a serious discussion with respect to trading the NQ (using The Hershey Futures Trading Methods) represents the single greatest piece of irony you have ever contributed to this web site, hypostomus. Simply Classic.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Where does Spyder say the SCT works on any instument? I know he says that FTT's work on any instrument but I have not seen the other comment.
  4. doli


    Excellent idea.

    The SCT advocates are inclined to say, "go read," or "you haven't read," and even "you can't read."

    What I would like to see is whether any of them can state what the Hershey Method is in their own words,
    i.e., can they paraphrase what they think they've read?

    Another item that could shed some light on the dispute is if someone could compare and contrast
    the Hershey Method with trend trading and/or channel trading.
    How are they similar? How are they different?
  5. Spydertrader, what do you want me to say? What you call sock puppets are multiple independent personalities with such differing perspectives that only multiple aliases can accomodate them. But I am willing to dispense with aliases for this thread. However I will spare SCT no classic irony. And if you think I am not serious, you do not know me at all. I am deadly serious about trading, as many of my private correspondents could attest. I trade almost every day now, often all day, and almost always make money. Over the years I have posted more broker execution reports than all SCT adherents combined. Which is not to say that in any wise do I think I am a great trader, as I am still a one-car piker, still a learner, a WIP. But thanks for posting.
  6. Bearbelly, perhaps I am wrong. Kindly ask le maitre to clarify. You may dispense with my first objection in one swell foop. But I have plenty more.
  7. Doli, thank you for responding seriously. Comparing/contrasting SCT with trend trading was on my agenda. And I, too, would like to hear SCT adherents recite their catechisms in plain English.
  8. See attached.

    Add any info to columns or rows on trends and channels and I will add the corresponding info for PVT and SCT.

    Ask Q's if you have any difficulty doing seacrh for my terms or go to the glossary.
  9. Here is an update with applications.

    We can add specific ones as people post theirs.
  10. Here is a Mark Brown comparison I found.

    It breaks out some levels of SCT.
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