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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Brandonf, May 18, 2009.

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    I'm in the process of creating a product launch for very successful real estate investor. She has done over $24million worth of deals since 2004 and has created a course on how she's done it.

    What I'm curious to hear from you guys is "objections".

    What I mean is this. Let's assume you are on the web and looking for ways to make a buck. You come across her website, and you know a lot of people have made a ton of money in real estate....so what stops you from buying her course?

    For example: The Real Estate Market Has Crashed, or there is no lending available, or I dont have any money for a down payment, or my credit is bad, those who can do and those who can't teach etc. etc. anything you got can help me.

    Like I said anything at all you can think of will help me a bunch. Whoever comes up with the best ones I'll send you $100 via paypal. Thanks a bunch.

  2. What if you staffed a call center with unemployed real estate agent dreamers and posted a 800 number and offered free real estate advice and talk shop.

    Sell the course first as part of the job training, then offer a salary and commission.

    Each agent may have a speciality and have them list it and direct the call to that particular agent.

    Let people call all they want but the objective might be to sell portions or chapters of the course as paid consultations. This would be incremental and if the customer likes what he hears, he can purchase other "chapters".
  3. What if you offered the course as a product you could buy with credit card reward points like AMEX or frequent flier miles. Something you could purchase that doesn't have a cash outlay but ties in with something else or a combination.

    You know like, "sorry we can't comp you a room in Vegas but I'll gladly send you a free course on real estate". Think "Christmas Fruitcake":D
  4. The great objection is first, "It can't be done."

    Second, "If it can be done -- and she did it -- the "secret" is luck, or connections, or some inherent edge that cannot or will not be conveyed to the individual that purchases this course."

    Third, "If she were really that successful, why would she bother with this penny ante exercise?"

    Fourth, "It's too expensive."

    That's it. Standard-issue objections that are standard-issue for the simple reason that they are universal.

    So how do you deal with them? Aye, there's the rub.
  5. Maybe rather than focus on how much money the author made, turn it around.

    Sell the lessons of mistakes. Where did I go wrong. How not to buy real estate.

    Everyone it seems wants to open a restaurant or buy and sell houses. Plenty of misconceptions in the shallow waters.

    The objective of the (putzorino) testimonials might alert the reader to how smart he is and would never make those stupid mistakes (or at least not admit to it) . A feeling of superiority.

    The object of the testominials is to provide ammo to counter the objections of whomever has the purse, (ie husband has to ask the wife for the money) you only have to counter her objections.

    Point being not to sell the pie in the sky (big bucks in real estate) but a lifelong asset of education from other peoples mistakes.

    One more thing. Paretto- roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Teach me the other 80% causes or 20% of the effects first.