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  1. This will be my place to lament the deaths of ETer's, or at least the ones I liked. I should have started this with DBPhoenix, or Threei, or... You get the picture. Posters who posted intelligently, not to mention intelligibly, were reviled by their inferiors, and died of broken hearts (or was it disgust?).

    We start with Oddtrader. Well, he didn't exactly die, but he will be dead to ET, because he has left here for the Elysian Fields of T2W. Why? Ass-assinated. By a moderator. Or immoderator. My Feedback thread on the event was deleted because it was unseemly. So fare thee well, Oddtrader!

    You WERE odd!
  2. R.I.P.

    db was my first teacher on his now-defunct website: The Burrow.

    He was #1.

    I still have his entire 34 MB pdf story.

    I would visit his grave and leave flowers if I knew where he was buried.
  3. It would seem that pointing out that a spade is a spade, is a mortal sin in this community for any but the "in" group.

    From the decay of death, springs forth freshness, vitality, and opportunity.
  4. hypostomus?
    I thought you were taken out, by shrapnel from the hershey faction counterattack.
    Well, no need for an obituary then


    Oddy was banned huh?