Obesity is costing US 147B per year

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  2. whats the junk food industry worth / year?

    and who makes those electric wheelchairs people too fat to walk cruise up and down the junk food sections of supermarkets in? Now theres a good investment!!

    and just btw...my problem is glandular. :)
  3. I'd rather sit next to a smoker than el lardo.

    When fatty falls during an emergency and blocks the stairway, aisle or door we are all screwed. Anyone here think they can pick up or push 275lbs out of the way?
  4. No, but I am pretty sure I can step right over them though :D

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    275 is entry level. What about those 400 lbers, you would need a fork truck.
    Sad thing is that we healthy folk are subsidizing the fat clowns big time.
    Maybe medicare should be funded by the pound.

  6. The current health care reform bill is doing something - transferring wealth from the thin and healthy people who look after themselves to people who stuff their faces and do nothing about their own health.

    Of course, the market has a way of dealing that - higher premiums for people who are higher risk, like the obese. That's a pretty good incentive to lose the lard an live better.

    But, the "reform" will make charging higher risk individuals more illegal. That will worsen the problem.

    Other than the financial dis-incentive to remain obese provided by higher health care costs, it's impossible to control people's choices. The current reform divorces peoples actions from the consequences of those actions.

    That's one of many reasons this particular "reform" needs to be killed.
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    All I know is the fat people are going to inherit the very nation they destroyed. Who needs OBL when fat people are doing the job with their teeth.
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    It's a brave new world where nobody has to be responsible for themselves. Isn't it great?

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    Obama Care will be the boondoggle that sinks the U.S. Go see your Congressman and GET IN HIS/HER FACE! Those ^%(*(^%$^$^$es.

    Anyway, fat people just need a leg up. After all, they are unhappy, lack energy and are going to die young.

    Obama Care will solve the fat problem though. No expensive gastric bypass. Obama's panels will opt for the less expensive method of sewing their lips together and inserting a reamer at the other end.

    Forced weight loss will be the rule. Just as everything else he wants is to be forced on the American people.

    My problem with fat people is the amount of good farm land it takes to bury them. Maybe we could start burying people standing up. We could also plant pumpkin plants over fat people's graves. Can you imagine the size of those pumpkins with all that fertilizer below?

    Do we still have Obama supporters visiting Elite Trader?
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    Very very hard to solve the fat problem in the US because there's too much money being made (the margins are great for example, and easy to mass produce in a factory).

    And making money is always number 1 in the US and to hell with the consequences.....
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