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  1. Honestly, I haven't been down to the States in a while, and when I went a couple of days ago, I was so shocked. I would say roughly give or take 60% of the American population is overweight - morbidly. Maybe a good 10% of the popluation is fit and even the food, has anyone tasted even the differences between what Subway makes in lets say the Western provinces to the States.

    All I would suggest to any businessmen, who are looking for ideas to start a business would be a salad bar in malls or something along those lines.
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    When I lived in Seattle there was a chain called "Zoopa" it was a salad and soup bar. Guess what, I didn't make it; I think there are only a few left now(though the food was damn good). Fat people are just not into healthy eating.

  3. "No soup for you!!"

    Isnt that roughly the official figure, sikhinvestor?
    Are canadians not the same? (forced to conclude you went from canada)
  4. You are right on with this. I was oversees for a month recently. The people in Germany were the most fit of all. Got to France started getting a little bigger. England you started seeing some big ones, mostly just not in shape. Get back to the states you've got people so damned fat in their early 40"s that they have to be in wheel chairs. It really is the number one problem this country faces. Just go to any mid priced restaurant or Walmart and watch them rolling out.
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    The problem isn't so much fat adults but rather that fat adults have fat kids. That's the really frightening epidemic. It's learned behavior.

    I'm no fan of the tobacco companies, but there is a faddish, zealous, ignorant hypocrisy that we (as a country) have set our sights so narrowly on the ills caused by smoking and the marketing to kids, while a fast-food chain like McDonalds has a clown as its main spokesperson, sells toy prizes that tie-in to popular movies w/its product, puts a playground in front of its stores, and further exploits children in every conceivable manner in its advertising.

  6. Shit rennick, that cant be good.
    You mean, this shocking propaganda about yank's us foreigners see is TRUE?

    Bloody hell. What the f*ks going on ?
    Seriously-Is the food THAT sh*ty?

    Did the dow corning group forget how to grow vegetables?
    Did people forget how to EAT vegetables?

    Btw sihkinvestor, i realise your religion looks down on any kind of profanity, but if what your saying is correct, these characters are f**n way past healthy, and it is called for.
  7. Ok, I agree. I am about 20 pounds too heavy myself. The funny piece is most of my associates consider me in fairly good shape. Especially when they hear my age (40 something). I generally joke that I am heading for my six pack days again, but right now I have a four pack and a space saver spare. I've never been a major exercise guy and I'm sure it's the piece that would probably make the difference. :)
  8. Funny thing is all the fucking health freaks can die from a car accident or suicide bomber just like all the fat assess can.

    So what is your point. Your only here to pass your seed on and die..............
  9. For f#ks sake, dont sugar-coat it, dude.:D
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    I studied the American diet in depth and detail. The food stores sell sugar in several different forms. It is in juice, cereal, and added to everything. There are huge areas in the typical supermarket where all the food should not be eaten. Couple that with the fact that a lot of people act like you were trying to force something on them when you give them dietary advice and you have a lot of fat assholes. When said fat people finally do diet, they don't study nutrition, they cut back on portions of already nutritionless food so eventually their body says "feed me for God's sake" and they start eating again.

    I don't have much sympathy for the fat people waddling around, we fought like crazy to have the ingredients listed on the food packages, if they won't read it they will be sick and die, it's the way it is.
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