Obamas win emboldened palestinians?

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  1. is that why the surge in rockets in and around jerusalum?

    it seems they are confident US wont do shit.
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    As near as I can tell, Obama hasn't even commented on what's going on. He has his head in the sand as usual.
  3. Haven't you heard? Bin Laden is dead. Arab spring is upon us. The movie maker is in jail. What could possibly go wrong now?
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    Or maybe he just locked himself in his limo, so as not to waste any fumes.
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    Hopefully they are exhaust fumes.
  6. It does seem awfully coincidental that they attack Israel the week after the election, an election that returned the Muslim Brotherhood's biggest supporter to office. No doubt they concluded that Obama would put pressure on Israel not to respond too harshly.

    Since Bibi Netanyahu clearly despises obama, it willbe interesting how this plays out.
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    It may be that they intended to start a rocket assault all along but were restraining the elements in Gaza that wanted to start attacking while they waited to see if Romney was elected. They might have perceived that Romney would support Israel massively counter-attacking. Once Obama was reelected they might have decided that they could commence their rocket attack because Obama would do nothing to support Israel and would probably condemn Israel if their counter-attack included a re-occupation of Gaza.

    When I say rocket attack and don't mean a few launches over a couple of days time. I mean thousands of rockets launched over a period of months. That is what Hamas has been threatening for a long time and they have been supplied through Iran. Meanwhile Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon has been supplied with rockets, mortars and weaponry by Syria. Some of the rockets in Gaza are much larger than seen in previous attacks and many can be launched from Northern Gaza all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The West Bank has remained a quiet place and probably won't take part in any of the action. Jordan seems to keep a lid on the West Bank and prevents military supplies from being smuggled to the Bedouins there. Hamas isn't so strong in the West Bank as they are in Gaza.
  8. Who gives a shit about Jesubelum.. are you some kind of a foreign agent? Fuck them and fuck their Jerusabelum.
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    It's a piecemeal war. First take care of the Hamas rockets. Then the Hezbollah rockets then they can take care of Iran.
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    The re-election of a U.S. president with a weak foreign policy has, on cue, brought war to Israel. Islamist aggressors have sized up the next four years based on the last four years.

    The month after his inauguration, after meeting with the woman who would help him win the Cold War, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, President Ronald Reagan recited a favorite Churchill quote.

    It was a grave warning that "peace will not be preserved without the virtues that make victory possible in war. Peace will not be preserved by pious sentiments expressed in terms of platitudes or by official grimaces and diplomatic correctitude, however desirable these may be from time to time. It will not be preserved by casting aside in dangerous years the panoply of warlike strength."

    President Obama's re-election telegraphed that the world's lone superpower will continue the sentimentalist diplomacy of the last four years.

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