Obama's War

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  1. Doesn't seem to be going so well. Let's build another school, maybe give'em some indoor plumbing. The hearts and minds strategy works so well, doesn't it? Fuckin' retards in D.C. haven't learned shit in 40 god damn years. Our men are getting killed for absolutley nothing. Either fight it to win it, which means killing a whole lot of people, or get the hell out!

    KABUL, Afghanistan – Five U.S. troops were killed by roadside bombs and insurgent fire in southern and eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the latest casualties in a particularly bloody spell that has left 19 service members dead since Saturday.
  2. We haven't won a war since 1945. So whats new.
  3. Exactly right! And how did we win that war? A war against a people that were as fanatical as any terrorist we fight today? What did we do different then? We demonstrated that we were able, and more importantly willing, to kill every god damn one of them if that's what it took. Suddenly, the wild eyed fanantic became reasonable and was receptive to peace. Then, and only then, does a nation show it's compassion. Until that point there is no compassion, no concern or regard for the enemy. There is no such thing as collateral damage. You kill them, and you keep killing them until the need for killing is no longer there. Any nation not willing to do that should not send troops into battle.
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    Agree. The decision to make Afghanistan into Mr. Roger's Neighborhood was George Bush's. Huge mistake.

    We should have crushed the Taliban and then left, rinse and repeat as needed. Every American administration that finds itself in a war cannot resist the idea of creating another democracy thinking it is going to persist. Pure folly.
  5. And at the same time we put the burden of "proportional warfare" on our allies like Israel.
  6. Bush overthrew the Taliban Government in a few months. Bush overthrew the Iraqi Government fairly quickly. Bush kicked ass on ruling governments

    Problem is there is no structure to hold these societies together. Post defeat is messy.
    In Germany there were Nazi terrorist attacks on the allied troops for 2 years after 1945. It's hard to be a good loser.
  7. Does that include the Iraq war as well?:confused:
  8. We put it on ourselves, so it stands to reason we put it on them. Our epitaph will read:
    The Americans were really kind people when it came to war, which made them easy to kill. They were more concerned about their enemies than they were for themselves. Yep, they were that stupid!