Obama's video statement concerning Rev. Wright

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Mar 17, 2008.

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    If he really believes what he was saying in the video, why was the video so dark, one single desk lamp was not enough to light up the enviroment for such an important message. More importantly why was our flag being flown in the dark in his video? As a combat vet I take issue with anyone, but especially with someone that wants to be commander in chief that flies our flag in the dark. If it is important enough for him to have the US Flag in his video, then it should be important enough to respect it and have it properly displayed. I suppose we should just consider him another politician and know that he is or will lie (his lips are moving)!
  3. Thanks Sax.

    He's still in big trouble over this. Jim Crow will come out in PA.

    I'd have skipped the short You Tube presentation above (if it were me calling his shots) and run with the full speech on race.
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    Obama's overall electability has greatly diminished since this church fiasco. However, he is still in a position to lock up the Democratic nomination.

    An independent run by a Presidential candidate could be possible this year.
  5. You didn't watch the speech on CNN did you? The particular video you see on youtube is dark probably due to poor software used to capture the video. Go to the Obama website and find the high res video for the whole speech on race. It's brighter and more comfortable to watch.

    I find it funny how you go on a diatribe about how Obama is not respecting the flag.

    Here is the link on youtube for the full video
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    87, when I started this thread, Obama had not yet given his speech in Philly. Also, it was a whirlwind week last week in politics:

    1) Obama and the preacher, with serious questions remaining.

    2) Hillary UPstairs while Frisky Bill is doing his thing DOWNstairs.

    3) And McCain staring in the mirror and repeating over and over, "We were VICTORIOUS in Vietnam!"

    What a choice! :(

    Typical American election: A choice between the lesser of evils.
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    Where is Ross Perot when we need him? :D
  8. I can't tell what's going on in the Dem race now.

    While it sure felt to me like Obama's stock topped last week, there's a big article out yesterday saying HRC can't win it on the math.



    Anyone think it "feels" like a McCain Lieberman ticket shaping up?
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    You are correct. I did not watch any other videos on any site that contained this response. I did however watch it with an open mind especially since it was a video of him speaking on an important topic. The video was put on a public forum with his consent and by his campaign headquarters as evidenced by the attached jpg. Therefore in my opinion HE is responsible for its content entirely including any bad production.

    Since then I have observed several instances in videos of him refusing to honor our flag during the "Pledge of Allegiance" by holding his hands clasped in front of his groin. This disrespect looks like a pattern to me.

    I stand by my previous statement that this man does not respect our flag and as a potential Commander in Chief of our armed forces, what message does this send to our troops? Including current and retired.

    I respect the fact that you can choose to disagree with me, but he should ask himself "how many veterans will look at this pattern and see it with the same thoughts, and how many of them will voice their opinions at the polls if he becomes a choice?"
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    I'm not going to take the time to look for photo examples of Bush speaking in a darkened auditorium with a lot of American flags flying in the shadows, but I hope you see my point. Any reasonable person would understand that the flag etiquette that pertains to the flying of the flag in the dark has to do with an outdoor display of the flag (like on a building).

    Otherwise, every American boy with a little flag in his bedroom commits treason when mummy turns out the light at night! You can easily take this sort of thing too far.

    If the FLAG becomes more important than "the REPUBLIC for which it stands," and the people who make up that republic...then we have become a cult.
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