Obama's urban black policy

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  1. Here is why he got 95% of the Black vote.

    Read the answer to a question from BET's Andre Showell at the last new conference.
    Andre Showell? There you go.

    Q: Thank you, Mr. President.

    As the entire nation tries to climb out of this deep recession, in communities of color, the circumstances are far worse. The black unemployment rate, as you know, is in the double digits. And in New York City, for example, the black unemployment rate for men is near 50 percent.

    My question to you tonight is given this unique and desperate circumstance, what specific policies can you point to that will target these communities and what’s the timetable for us to see tangible results?

    OBAMA: Well, keep in mind that every step we’re taking is designed to help all people. But folks who are most vulnerable are most likely to be helped because they need the most help.

    So when we passed the Recovery Act, for example, and we put in place provisions that would extend unemployment insurance or allow you to keep your health insurance even if you’ve lost your job, that probably disproportionately impacted those communities that had lost their jobs. And unfortunately, the African-American community and the Latino community are probably over represented in those ranks.

    When we put in place additional dollars for community health centers to ensure that people are still getting the help that they need, or we expand health insurance to millions more children through the children’s health insurance program, again, those probably disproportionately impact African-American and Latino families simply because they’re the ones who are most vulnerable. They have got higher rates of uninsured in their communities.

    So my general approach is that if the economy is strong, that will lift all boats as long as it is also supported by, for example, strategies around college affordability and job training, tax cuts for working families as opposed to the wealthiest that level the playing field and ensure bottom-up economic growth.

    And I’m confident that that will help the African-American community live out the American dream at the same time that it’s helping communities all across the country

    So his policy is more Goverment handouts to blacks. This is exactly what they voted for.
    He has no plans to find jobs for the 50% unemployed New Yorkers unless "all boats lift" BTW a Reagan term.

    Problem is that Omama's plan only lifts Goverment owned boats.
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    Before the election people were wondering what the BO would do if elected... I held that, hey, he's a democrat, they need those black votes, he will do what Democrats always do, hand out the money to black voters, not to mention lawyers, etc.. basically everybody that votes for them...

  3. I would not necessarily agree that this neo-marxism is specifically targeted at our black or hispanic brothers [as a specific tactic]. A typical by-product of any of the political dogmatic "-ism's", feeding at the dinner table of the State is the new "opiate" of the masses.

    All hand-out addicts and potential converts to state "motherhood" are welcomed...black, brown, white, red and yellow.

    And yes, all boats [except of course, those owned by the Political Class] need to be owned by the State, to ensure that all rise at equal pace in the coming financial euphoria.
  4. No more Blacks as Prez. All they care about is giving away the farm to their own kind.

    Obama is the worst racist to ever sit in the White House.
  5. Oh, I don't know....I would have rather seen the likes of a Thomas Sowell, J.C. Watts, or even Alan Keyes or Condi Rice , better than the choice of McCain and certainly over Mr. Obama.

    It is not, in my opinion, the color of the skin, it is the ideology.
  6. 96% of blacks voted for him. blacks are just out for themselves and couldn't care less about the country.

    All they want is gas and mortgage money. You can't trust any black to be prez of the entire country.

    I would vote for Rice though. Can't think of anyone else that is capable.
  7. Talking my language now. You mention any of these names and they start howling. Demos think they have a lock on this.
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    Yep. I remember Sandra Bernhard on Politically Incorrect trying to claim that Colin Powell wasn't black.
  9. They voted for Obama because they hate white people.
  10. There he is folk, FT, the base of the pubs.

    Even if he isn't, the rest of America thinks he is.

    Until the pubs can shake that perception, they will be relegated to a 2nd class party.

    America is not going to identify with overt racism.
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