Obama's Treasury Secretary Pick

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    I hope it is Tim Geithner instead of Larry Summers. Tim has a pretty good bio:

    Other candidates I would like (but have no chance) would be either Dick Kovacevich (Wells Fargo CEO), or Nouriel Roubini.

    Wells Fargo is the only bank in America rated AAA by S&P. Despite being headquartered in CA - the epicenter of subprime/liar loans, WFC always maintained the highest credit standards. Warren Buffet knows this, he loves this bank and has increased his holdings. WFC is the most solid large bank in America. So I like how Dick Kovacevich is probably the most responsible banker in the country. And I like how he humiliated Citigroup's taxpayer subsidized bailout of WB by offering his own private buyout.

    Nouriel Roubini has no shot at becoming Treasury Secretary but he is the only economist that saw this recession and financial meltdown coming. Roubini would be the modern day Paul Volcker type - he'd say fu*k you to Wall Street and allow many banks to fail.

    Larry Summers would be the worst choice. Unfortuanately he is at the top of Obama's list. Summers is a transaction tax advocate (which would put us all out of business). Summers also has a long history of making very controversial comments.
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    Robert Rubin again, hopefully.
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    The thing I don't like about Rubin is that right after he left the Clinton administration he predicted a major financial crisis hitting the country withing 5 years.

    He then joined C (became chairman after Prince left), which is in the worst shape of all large banks. So he is partly responsible for this crises. Besides he is a usual idiot for the NWO (co-chairman of CFR).

    Tim's probably an NWO foot soldier as well but I prefer anyone but Summers. The last thing I want to see is a transaction tax being advocated to fill the inevitable trillion dollar deficit hole.
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    A slew of people were named Wednesday to serve on an advisory board for Obama's transition, including William Daley, a former secretary of commerce; Michael Froman, an executive at Citigroup, former treasury department official and former classmate of Obama's at Harvard Law School; Julius Genachowski, another former law school classmate, former chief counsel to the Federal Communications Communications and one of the Obama campaign's biggest fund-raisers; and Susan Rice, a former Clinton administration official and senior foreign policy advisor to the Obama campaign. Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and a close friend of Obama, has been offered the post of White House chief of staff.
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    I'm sure it wont be Buffett. hes got too many priorities over serving his country in time of need, like playing bridge or giving cnbc interviews
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    Would be awesome if Hugh Hendry could be called upon, at least as a consultant or something. :D

  7. First of all, Geithner is a fucking asshole toolbox cuntbag.
    Summers retracted his transactional tax idea.
    Several others have predicted this mess: Schiff, Faber, Rogers...

  8. The choice is obvious, there's really only one man for the job.

    stock_trad3r :D

  9. paul volcker
  10. Secretary Abongo
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