Obama's Strategy: ABO (Anything But Obama)

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  1. Re the NYT POLL- "The weighted party-ID split is 36% D, 30% R, 34% I.

    The trend is negative for Obama – 48-42 lead in February, 47-44 in March, tied 46-46 in April, down 43-46 in May. Whatever the methodology, if you use it consistently and show a clear trend, that says something."

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  2. Romney and his super pacs only raised around 110 million

    Thats pretty significant considering the guy who raises the most money wins 94 % of the time

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  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    I started a thread last week about the medias weekly portrayal that conservatives have a "War on various groups" the funny thing is that while this has proven that Obama and the dems have control of the media, it has also proven once again that Obama's re-election crew is a bunch of hacks.

    The media will only pay attention to a narrative for a 2-3 days before they move on because they have covered it to death, and no one will listen anymore if they keep droning on and on over the same talking points.

    The Obama campaign has already pigeon holed almost every single minority group, and we are still six months till the election.... so while i find it somewhat frustrating watching the media carry Obama's water with all this bullshit, at the same time, inside of my head, i am laughing, because they shot every bullet in their gun with 6 months to go till the election...... There is almost no one left for the democrats to exploit at this point, and now they are being forced to reach for the most obscure narratives...... Or else talk about the stuff that actually matters, like the Economy, which screws Obama. Bottom line is they jumped the gun.

    Once again this proves how amateurish the Obama crew is, because if they wanted this to have an effect on the election results, they should have started pushing all of these narratives with a month or 2 till election day, not 8 months in advance...... Where it is all going to be lost in the shuffle....
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  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    The associated press poll has a 12 point skew for the democrats, and the reuters one has a 9 point skew, so he isnt even winning those 2 polls, they are both bullshit.

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  5. Bain is something they can and will use until election day,they just have to break it down by individual companies .Every month focus on 1 or 2 companies until election day while simultaneously throwing a bunch of other shit at him.

    GST Steel is the first of many individual companies that team Obama will focus on.The next attack will be that Mass was 47th in job growth under Romney and another company Bain destroyed,my guess is KB Toys
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  6. AP and Reuters have the reputation of being quality polls for years.The arent skewed.If they randomly call 1000 registered and 600 democrats answer the phone thats the results they release,they dont tamper with or weigh their poll results like some other polls

    Since there are more registered democrats then republicans a random poll is likely to have more democrats then republicans


    Registered Democrats still dominate the political playing field with more than 42 million voters, compared to 30 million Republicans and 24 million independents
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  7. achilles28


    My take is Americans generally hold their nose and vote along party-lines, regardless of candidate. Moderate Liberals might think Obama is a shithead, but reckon he's better than Mittens. Conservatives play the same game (ABO). The polarization of todays Democratic Socialists and Neoconservatives, basically guarantees the general vote will fall along the traditional 51-49 split, with swing states casting the final lot. The great unifiers of yesteryear are gone. A Ron Paul would capture a big portion of moderates and independents, and force the neocons to either vote for welfare and war, or none of it. An interesting run off. Fucked up that Mitt strapped his dog to the roof of the car. lol
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  8. Yannis


    What France Says About Our Presidential Race
    Fred Thompson

    So what have we learned from the recent elections in France and other EU countries? Not much. When folks are asked whether they’d rather have an ice cream cone or a sharp stick in the eye most folks will, after due consideration, choose the ice cream. The same could be said when it comes to austerity.

    For those who grew up knowing nothing but the welfare state, giving stuff up — especially if it’s been taken from the wealthy fair and square — is simply not in their DNA. Their wants have become needs, and their needs have become rights. Their baselines have been changed forever, and when the paradigm of the welfare state is accosted by reality, reality must be ignored. You see, fewer and fewer citizens are supposed to support more and more citizens, until nobody is supporting everybody. Working past 60 even though the economymay be going to hell in a hand basket and the rate of entitlement payouts is unsustainable? Ridiculous.

    If we only tax the rich more, hire more public employees, keep the 35-hour work week, and start some infrastructure projects, then this German-induced, foreign-bond-holder-caused crisis will go away.

    The French elected just the fellow as president to keep reality at bay — François Hollande (though commentators excitedly speculate as to whether this pasty Socialist, produced from within the bowls of the French bureaucracy, will become more “pragmatic” now that he has to govern). A radical 36-hour-work-week proposal, perhaps?


    But to my mind, the most interesting thing to come out of the French election is the fact that Hollande won his victory by pulling off a clever, political heist. He stole the conservative’s “growth” message. (To be fair, I believe he could safely say that the conservatives were not using it so he merely borrowed it.)

    By embracing economic growth — at least in the context of what the French consider “growth”), Hollande was able to present an alternative to the unpopular “austerity” programs supported by EU leaders who realized that their welfare-state chickens had come home to roost. So the campaign became growth vs. austerity. Guess what won?

    Growth, however, is not a policy. It is the result of sound policies. And Hollande’s policies are anything but sound. His growth campaign theme is merely a leftist rhetorical device based on the same old Keynesian economic nostrums. And, although sugar-high, spend-your-way-to-prosperity economic success stories are not readily available really anywhere, it’s still a heck of a campaign theme in some circles.

    European countries that have actually achieved growth have gone in the opposite direction of Hollande’s “growth” policies. Germany and Sweden, for example, lowered taxes and took on the tougher task of restructuring benefit programs.

    Ironically, a growth theme is exactly what presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and other Republican candidates should be running on, except it should be based on policies that actually produce growth, such as resisting tax increases and excessive regulations. Most Republicans and many fair-minded citizens already support the policies. What Republicans must do is articulate a reason for those policies, and it’s not all about jobs. A growing economy helps everybody, including job-seekers.

    The growth message should take precedence over even that of a balanced budget. There will be no balanced budget without sufficient growth, something even the more responsible European leaders who support austerity measures fail to recognize. In a desperate scramble to satisfy the bond markets and balance their budgets they are not only cutting spending, they’re raising taxes in a misguided effort to “even out the burden.” Little wonder that their watered-down approach isn’t working.

    So as difficult as it is to believe, there are lessons to be learned from Europe, but they aren’t economic. Rather, it’s the knowledge that even a phony growth message has potency with an electorate. This is good news for Barack Obama. But economic growth would be an even more potent theme — and a winner at the ballot box and for the American people — in the hands of a candidate who believes in sound policies to achieve it and makes a strong and persuasive case.

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  9. Who in the heck is Timmay Baker



    This photo also appears in


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