Obama's Strategy: ABO (Anything But Obama)

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  1. The odious Obama reelection stragety has been on full display this past week. His advisers know, even if the delusional president does not, that if the election turns into a referendum on him and his administration, he loses. Like gay marriage, obama polls far better than his support actually is. People say they "like" him because they don't want to appear racist or uncool. One need only read the comments sections in even liberal websites to get a truer picture. There is a deep and unrelenting hostility to him, his wife and his agenda.

    So the obvious strategy is to turn the focus from where it should be, on the incumbent, and put it on the challenger. Step one, create a negative public persona for the challenger. Make him appear personally unlikeable and even loathsome. Step two, tear down his legitimacy by attacking his accomplishments. Step three, paint his policies as dangerous, harmful and unfair.

    We have seen Step One in full bloom with the wall to wall media coverage of a largely fictional story about Romney, a bit of a mormon choir boy in real life, somehow transformed into the campus bully. And don't forget the incident with the poor dog, sentenced to ride on the roof. And the woman who said Romney, as a Mormon elder, counseled her to consider giving up her baby since she was an unwed teen and unable to care for it.

    If you think these stories just appear randomly in the media as a result of diligent reasearch or just luck, you really have not been paying attention. The major media is a subsidiary of the White House Press office and editorial decisions are made by the obama campaign.

    Obama has one success, the killing of OBL. Unfortunately, he has already worn that out and upset a lot of people by his unseemly handling of it. He really has nothing else to talk about. So expect the next five and a half months to be an all out assault on Romney.
  2. I see there are threads about Romney "the unlikeable" and romney, the job killer.

    Just as predicted above, however, I would have thought they would have saved the "job killer' stuff for later in the campaign. Perhaps Obama's dismal poll numbers are causing some panic in the White house war room?

    The gay marriage flip flop last week had an air of panic about it. It might have got some gay money into Obama's coffers, but no one who was a big supporter of gay marriage was voting republican. However, it did shore up Romney's support with a crucial group he has not been able to connect to, cultural conservatives and Evangelicals.

    Romney does need to gear up and start responding to this stuff. It's very easy to do. He simply has to say Obama is desperate to divert attention from his failed presidency. In fact, all Romney surrogates should be programmed to repeat the phrase "Obama's failed presidency" every sentence or two.
  3. Doubt it.Obama is leading consistently in most polls ,especially swing state polls

    Up until April he has raised 350 million,when April and May numbers come in it will likely be 400- 450 million

    Obamas campaign is doing just fine.They have been working on beating Romney the last 3 years,they know what they're doing
  4. (CBS News) Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a slight edge over President Obama in the race for the White House in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

    I know I know, the NYT is a right wing publication.

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    Or not.
  6. This is your reply to AAA Post?

    "...he raised $400 million dollars."

    I expected better.

    You know who raised alot of money too?

    Tammy Faye Baker.
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    She's still alive? What is she, 70 or so now?
  8. She's dead but her makeup lives on.
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    Ya think she's in Hell? I do.
  10. Or so

    Obama leading in 4 polls,Romney leading in 3

    Obama leading by highs of + 7 and + 8,Mitts highs are +3 and +4

    Obama also leading on intrade

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