Obamas stance on education "Any child that cant keep up, left behind"

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  1. No child left behind requires all students to be proficient in reading & math by 2014. Obama says "Nigga, we cant teach dem kiz hows to read dan count by too sousand fo-teen"


    I thought dems were for educating our kids? Oh wait...thats right...they are for paying teachers $60K per year with lavish retirement benefits, NOT for educating kids.

    Here is a plan...if those states want a waiver...cut their funding by 50%. All those kids will be reading shakespear & doing calculus by 2nd grade.
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    Tsing Tao

    While the claims of racist fly unsubstantiated left and right throughout this forum, you certainly give ammunition to them with your childish commentary.

    Grow up, please.
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    Your fairness noted.
  4. Glad I continued to read. Okay, it has already been addressed:D
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    Public education is not the business of the federal government at all. If our politicians followed the Constitution this whole debate would be moot. People who want to improve public education would put their efforts where it matters -- at the local level.
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    My sentiments exactly. Our biggest problems with education are 1)The federal dept. of education and 2) mafia style teachers unions.

    Remove those two obstacles and within a few years we'd have some of the best education in the world.
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  8. Eight


    Christian schools are the best choices out there. They bypass both the above dysfunctional horrors and produce some students that really know their stuff. Atheists are the people that claim they are so incredibly intelligent but they never seem to have much incentive for a kid to learn to read. Christians want people to read so they can understand their Bibles..
  9. I went to private schools most of my early life. Not Christian however. We had the opportunity, but not the requirement for Bible Study. My parents chose yes for a year, and then left it up to me later on. I went on to graduate from a Public High School, and was pretty thankful I had a much better earlier education. Looking back, I'm sure it had a lot to do with having 10 or 12 max students in early grades, never more than 12 even in 10th grade. I recall spending a lot of one on one time with teachers.

    Can't really do the smaller class size in public schools. Wish they would in early grades, get the kids started out better. I do think, that with technology, they can reach more kids with the same number of teachers, especially at grade 6 or so.

    I paid for my grandson to go to a Christian school, pre-school, Kindergarten, now he's thriving in what they call a 'dual immersion' public school. They teach part of the day in Spanish. Again, the parents have the choices. He'll be back in private school by grade 5 or so is my guess.

    Private schools are exempt from many public regulations. That helps for sure. Public teachers have the power of the Unions, IMO, but I agree, most do not exercise that power.