Obama's Spending Record: More Conservative Than Reagan's

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    This is the kind of reality that makes Sean Hannity's head explodes. So far, the GOP candidates have been running against a fictional president with a fictional record. Obama didn't campaign to increase government spending, but inheriting what was in the final quarter of 2008 an annualized contraction of 9 percent of GDP, he opted for a stimulus. That accounts for much of the spending.
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    You are completely full of shit FT.

    Do you expect anyone to believe this nonsense?
  3. Before getting everyone all upset. What is that you find to be in error, Mr. 377? I just glanced at it myself, and would like to hear what errors are showing. I'm not going to address the Fox news part, or any other flaming, just asking where it is wrong.

    You may be completely correct in assuming it's wrong, but is there something specific?

  4. What is right about his blog? He posted a chart with no backup on how the figures were calculated.

    Sullivan is one of the biggest Obama cheerleaders, yet he claims to be a conservative. He is dishonest. You claim to be objective. If so, this fact alone should raise a red flag.
  5. I'm completely sincere with what I was asking, and I assume this is from the Obama 'side' just like I assume all the pspr posts are from the R's side. I just like to see facts to back up statements.

    Perhaps the OP can get some back up? A place to start anyway.

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    Perhaps it's because a majority of Obama's spending is not in the budget? Just a thought.

    Obamacare has not even gone into effect. The cost of that is going to hit us soon and somewhere to the tune of 2 trillion dollars. In fact, most of Obama's initiaives are like that. The cost kick in much later. That is how he got the bills passed. Let's not even talk about how much the entitlements have blown up under Obama, also not in the budget.
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    CBO: By 2021, Entitlement Spending Will Grow from 9.9 to 12.0 Percent of GDP
    Mainly because of health care related costs.


    President Obama’s average annual deficit spending (including his proposed deficit spending for 2012) has been 9.7 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) — more than double the tally of any other president since World War II. In the wake of Obama’s spending spree, it’s therefore a bit disconcerting that the CBO writes in a newly issued report that “the continued aging of the population and growth in health care costs will almost certainly push up federal spending significantly relative to GDP.”

    The CBO projects that “spending for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other health care programs” — chiefly Obamacare — “will grow from 9.9 percent of GDP in 2010 to 12.0 percent by 2021, driven largely by rapid growth in health care costs.” Remember all of those claims that Obamacare would bend the cost-curve down (claims that President Obama is still making)?

    None of this should be surprising. Often forgotten amid President Obama’s disingenuous attempts to make Obamacare sound like it’s merely “health insurance reform” is that Obamacare would spawn a massive expansion of Medicaid at a time when the CBO says entitlements are already driving deficit spending and eating up 55 percent of the federal budget. In fact, the CBO projects that more than half of the newly insured under Obamacare would be people simply added to the Medicaid rolls: 18 million people by 2016.

    There are far more effective ways to reduce the number of uninsured than to dump them into Medicaid: by lowering health costs (like the CBO says the 2009 House Republican health bill would do), ending the tax code’s discrimination against the uninsured, and funding state-run community pools. That 3-step approach would provide a compelling replacement for Obamacare.

    In that vein, there is some good news from the CBO. It projects that enacting H.R. 2, the repeal of Obamacare, “would reduce the ‘federal budgetary commitment to health care’ by $464 billion over the 2012–2021 period.” No wonder Americans want repeal
  8. Obama has screwed up this country more than all of the previous President's combined before him. He's a super Freak.
  9. obama is probably the best president ever. in terms of the market. under his watch the markets have doubled,pension values have mostly been restored,the auto companies were saved, the banks were saved,corporate profits are at all time highs, effetive taxes are near all time lows, jobs are starting to come back, housing is starting to come back and lots of terrorists are dead including bin ladin.
    keep in mind all of this happened in the face of absolute refusal by republicans to pass anything that would make obama look good.
  10. And how much more are we in debt since Obama became President?

    He is putting us in a death spiral. Best President ever? Not even close.
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