Obama's slogan: looking to replace Hope and Change

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  1. JFK said ''ask not what your country can do for you....''
    BHO. should say '' its 2012 , i hope you can change your own diaper ''
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    Obama said the other day that during the campaign he said change was going to take a long time (implying he needs another 4 years.)

    Although I didn't spend a lot of time listening to Obama's campaign after I personally eliminated him as a viable candidate for president, I don't EVER recall him saying what he wanted to do would take a long time.

    It's just another convenient lie from the mouth of a liberal.

    (If anyone can show I'm wrong, pleeeeese post the video.)
  3. JamesL


    "It's just another convenient lie from the mouth of a politician."
  4. pspr


    LOL OK, I'll concede the change of term. :D
  5. 'Give me four more years to find my birth certificate.'"
  6. pspr


    Don't you mean "give me four more years to find my birth cirtificate?"
  7. This term I'll not cave in.

    This term I'll stick to my campaign promises.

    This term, the 2nd half will prevail.


    Damn, did I blow it.

    Shoulda paid more attention.

    Guess I shoulda moved back to Kenya to find my real birth certificate.

    All fun and games now, we'll see how things go in November I guess. Hope GOP comes up with someone to compete against him, I seriously do. Santorum is toast now I think, and Romney may very well be the guy, but not looking too good right now against Obama. Jeb? Anyone?

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    I don't like the idea of a brokered convention picking someone who didn't even participate in the primary. I think that would piss everybody off.

    The reason Obama is showing a little better is the slight bump in the economy (although I tend to dismiss that as the average Joe doesn't see it until he sees a raise and his friends all find good jobs), and the fact that the GOP is busy fighting amongst themselves for the nomination. Once that process is over, it will be a different story.
  9. Oh, both sides tend to dismiss what doesn't fit into their particular leanings, no big deal. We all have to look at the same 'facts' as distributed, right or wrong. We tend to review everything when it fits the other guy, and our stuff is spot on. No big deal there either.

    I really wonder if this election year will play out as it is scripted at this point. Romney and Obama, with a slight Obama victory, we''ll have to see, as they say.

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