Obama's School Czar Did Drugs, Shunned Religion, & Promotes Homosexuality In Schools.

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  1. Don't need any. I'm sure the Obama lover networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS won't go anywhere near it. But I'm sure they will have no choice but to do a story on it when Jennings is forced to resign, due to his crazy, radical background. It was Fox News that got Van Jones ousted from his job, exposed Acorn as the Obama loving criminal organization they truly are, and helped contribute to their having all federal funding taken away. Obama's latest loser czar appointee is next on the hit parade!!! :p
  2. Yes fox news is great. By the way, how many times did you vote for Bush and Cheney?

  3. LOL!!!!!!!! I love how you try changing the topic!!! Another Obama loving libertard that can handle their "furor" getting his radical, un-American czars exposed!!! Would you like some cheese with that whine? lol :p
  4. Fox news breaks:
    Van Jones story
    Pastor Jeremiah Wright

    and now this....

    Fox news is saving the free press and Democracy!
  5. jem


    Another loser hired by Obama.

    Does anyone in his administration have any experience being a success or even trying in business or anything not related to government handouts?

    His czars seem to be the worst group of losers in america.
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    Obama seems to be the ultimate revenge of the nerds character. Except his is the revenge of the counter culture socialists, communists and bombers.
  7. Tradert870 you didn't answer my question.
    So I'll take that as a "twice".

    :D :D :D :D
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    The Dems confuse their anti-Bush victory as a mandate of the people for reform. On the contrary, while the outrage of Bush was at it's highest, over the War which had lost it's purpose mainly from the daily onslaught by the drive-by media and the Wall street fiasco.

    On both main points of contention, the Obama administration is just a continuation of Bush's policies. Give Wall street more money, and not fix the root problems....... and we have not brought any troops home, just sending them to Afghanistan, with a build up coming.

    Without fixing any of the original platform promises, now we embark on a total build up of Government that we cannot pay for and a ever increasing loss of liberties as the Government infiltrates deeper into our personal lives.

    The path of self-destruction by the Democratic party, 2010 will start the healing by a retribution vote by the country that will send Incumbents on both sides of the isle packing.
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