Obama's ratings are going bye bye

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  1. His last press conference saw a 29% decline in viewers from the previous one.

    Here are the numbers:

    Feb 9: 49.5m
    March 24: 40.4m
    April 29: 28.8

    Looks like the honeymoon is fading fast and hard.
  2. His ratings were nothing special to begin with. We will see what happens but I think a lot of people give the President a honeymoon and then become more critical. That is not just Obama, this occurs with any Prez. He really has to come through on the economy. The jury is out. The one thing Obama has to watch out for is the price of gas. That absolutely killed Bush. The primary reason for Bushs unpopularity was the price of gas. If the economy rebounds and the price of gas only increases modestly, then Obama should be in good shape. If the economy rebounds and the price of gas is 3+ dollars a gallon, then Obama is in trouble. Of course if the economy does not rebound, then he is in trouble.
  3. It's the economy stupid! Better get ol' snake himself Carville out and do something.
  4. One big terror attack and he is toast.

    I hope to God it doesn't happen, but I have very little faith in his ability to prevent another attack.

    He is a morale-killer for our servicemen and women and a confidence booster for the enemy. That's a good combination if you hate the US, but not if you're our President.
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    Dudes...quit watching O'Reilly and Hannity, and maybe just maybe REALITY will start to come back into focus.

    The only thing going "bye bye" is your party. FOX network will soon follow.
  6. Definite morale killer for the FBI :cool:

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  7. Obama got 6 times more in campaign contributions from servicemen then McCain

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  8. the OBAMAmania is like the tech bubble. Unrealistic expectations coupled with a mediocre leader will end this nonsense once and for all. I predict with Obama's downfall, the demCRAP-tic party will not be in power again for fifty years and might even have to merge with their cousins, the Communist Party of USA.:D
  9. Makes sense. The military is tired of "fighting for what?" in Bush's "told a BIG lie to get it started" personal war.

    Some of the military showed better sense in sending campaign contributions to Ron Paul, of course.
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    Break those donations by race and you get your answer.
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