Obamas racist new tax targeting whites.

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  1. There will be a 10% tax now at tanning salons which only white and light skinned people use. Nobody is saying anything about this racist tax though. Imagine if they added a 10% tax to gold teeth, gerry curl, or rims on your car. The black community would be up in arms right now and so would the liberal media. Where is the ACLU now? Oh its not racist if white people are targeted?

  2. Another terribly ill informed and outrageous claim .. and yes, dark skin people can also get sunburned.

    This is more of a health issue than anything else because of the risks involved. It is logical to tax risky behavior that could lead to higher incidence of diseases, such as the use of tobacco and alcohol, and in this case the use of artificial tanning that can lead to melanoma.

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    Putting hydrolics on you car can be bad for your neck and back, kinda like a rollercoaster, lets tax that.

    Large subwoofers powered by large amplifiers can be harmful to your ears, lets tax that too..

    Where does it stop?
  4. They should put a higher tax on violent movies. I doubt that they do.
  5. this is ridiculous, are we going to tax fast food because its unhealthy?
  6. you know that is coming.... no more $1 value menu, where will daytraders eat now? :eek:

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    The "its bad for you, so lets tax it" idea is ridiculous. Makes me angrier than almost any of the other taxes. You don't get to tax something just because you say its bad for me. I get to choose what is bad for me, not you. next thing you know it will be "masturbation makes you go blind, 10 cents per senseless ejaculation". What a load of shit.
  8. Not outrageous. Dark skin people do not go to tanning salons.

    And if its logical to tax risky behavior, why dont they tax the riskiest behavior...overeating? That causes the most health problems in the united states. All fast food places should then have an additional 10% tax, right?

    This bill targeted ONE specific group that just happened to be a group that was mostly whites that used that service?

    (wow...i just realized I'm complaining "the man" is trying to keep me down just because I'm white) So this is what it feels like to be prejudiced against, huh?

    Now i have a reason not to work, have 8 kids, and rob ATMs I guess.
  9. Hah! :D
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    everyones up in arms callig the forcing of one to pay health insurance unconstitutional, where were the insurance lobbyists when they made car insurance mandatory....and by the way pell, blacks do go to tanning salons,like a lot of people, before a winter vacation in a sunny,balmy spot.. to avoid sunburn when they get there
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