Obama's Pyrrhic Victory - Was it Worth it?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. How will Obama Clean Up The Mess Bush Created?

    1/ 2 war fronts sucking a Billion a day ( good fucking grief.....a fucking BILLION a DAY!! )

    2/ A MASSIVE short fall in tax revenue ( as the Bush economy goes down the shit hole )

    3/ MASSIVE govt. debt of $34,654.82 PER PERSON ( good fucking grief! )

    4/ A MASSIVE govt. bureaucracy. The growth of which shows no indication of slowing down. ( Commies thank Bush! )

    5/ MASSIVE BUSH DEFICIT SPENDING ( Commies and trickle-down idiots thank Bush again! )

    6/ A DEVASTATED BUSH ECONOMY. ( Trickle-down and Ayn Rand half-wits thank Bush again for exporting all the Jobs )

    7/ A bankrupted Social security system

    8/ Broken down Health care system

    9/ Failed education no-child-left-behind system.

    10/ A banking crisis caused by Bush deregulation

    11/ A broken tax system. Bush and trickle down, proven massive failure.

    12/ ......... So much more to list that would go one for several pages

    How will Obama rectify the almost INSURMOUNTABLE SHIT Bush is leaving him with?
  2. Arnie


    So what are you saying? The jobs too big for him?

    Maybe the smart thing to do was let McCain win and then fail miserably trying to fix things?

    PS. Didn't you say you were out of here?

  3. I would have voted for Hillary.....to kick the GOP out of the white house.
    I mean for me, voting for this bitch, would have been the low of the low of my life.
  4. Humpy


    BO had better enjoy the honeymoon period because imho it's gonna be brief.
    The problems outlined above are going to need plenty of unpopular measures to even try and fix and they are needed mighty quickly.
    Kick that idiot Bush outa play and get going BO

    rather you than me