Obama's Physician Cousin Angrily Denounces Health Care Reform

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    Since you appear unable to read or write the English language, let my quote Dr. Milton Wolf, cousin of Barack Obama: Sorry there are no pictures!!! lol

    "Government takeover of health care'; "America has the finest health care delivery system in the world"; "the threat of multimillion-dollar lawsuits with every decision"; "provisions that will ration care and artificially set price"; "decouple health insurance from employers and empower patients to be consumers once again"; "This free-market approach has worked for everything from high-definition TV's to breakfast cereals".

    "Primum nil nocere. "First, do no harm. This guiding principle is a bedrock of medical care. Sadly, those politicians who would rewrite our health care laws do not live in the same universe as do the doctors and health care professionals who must practice it."

  4. What do we care about Nigerian Doctors? Of course all of Barry's family live in mud huts in Nigeria ...right?
  5. The Doc's in the lab right now. Working on a Nobel Prize for research on bird flu.

  6. Two side to every story, true?
    This is another side to read.

    "Like most advocates of so-called "consumer-driven health care" (CHDC), Wolf pretends that the health care market is an ideal one where buyer and seller meet free of coercion and with perfect information. Of course, that is not the case. There is not only a staggering (and unavoidable) asymmetry of information between patient and provider; in most cases, the patient can't simply walk away. He or she isn't buying a car, TV or milk; the patient often must have care now. In the health care market, patients as consumers find not Adam Smith's invisible hand, but a middle finger.

    The results of health care free market mania, as I wrote four years ago in "Unhealthy Trends," are predictable - and ominous"

    "While selectively citing a few data points on comparative cancer survivals rates, Dr. Wolf conveniently ignores the numbers that matter most about the death spiral of the American health care system. Numbers like 50 million uninsured, 25 million more uninsured, 98,000 deaths annually from medical errors, 45,000 deaths to lack of insurance, 62% of personal bankruptcies due to medical costs, 1 in 5 Americans postponing needed medical care and 94% of health insurance markets nationwide are already virtually monopolized.. Or that employer-provided insurance now covers less than 60% of Americans while the average annual cost of family health insurance premiums will rise from $13,000 now to $22,000 by 2019. Or that the total cost of the malpractice system and defensive medicine combined constitute at most 3% of national health care spending and that, if anything, there are too few and not too many malpractice lawsuits. Or that red states have the worst the health care systems and the unhealthiest residents."