Obama's P.R. Helps Terrorists.

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  2. "But we take the loss of those 3,000 people quite seriously and refuse to treat it as a mere crime. We see it as a declaration of war and are responding accordingly."

    how many innocent civilians have we killed because of this attitude. we attacked countries who had nothing to do with it and ignored the countries where the 911 terrorists came from. at some point we lose the moral high ground.

    Ronald Reagan: "retaliation in which innocent civilians are killed is 'itself a terrorist act.'"
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    Good quote.
  4. The right wing conservatives are criticizing President Obama for helping terrorists because he does not think it is necissary to hold a military trial for the christmas day bomber. But what the republicans forget is that under the Bush Administration, then never held military trials for the 911 terrorists. Nor did they hold military trials for the DC Sniper. Now all of a sudden they want to criticize President Obama for doing the same thing that Bush never got criticized for? President Obama has faith that our judicial system will find him guilty no matter what. The christmas day bomber is not a war criminal because we are not at war with Nigeria. So it would be unethical to have a military trial in his case. As Americans we believe in the CONSTITUTION that states everyone is "innocent until proven guilty" This applies to our judicial system, not the defendant.

    my point is, that Republicans are criticizing President Obama for putting his trust in the Constitution, and the American ethics that made us the nation that we are today. So to judge him poorly for doing that, would be un-patriotic.
  5. You lost all credibility with this ignorant statement.

    And in case you haven't heard, this isn't going to happen in NYC and chances are it will end up back in the hands of the military.

    You can blame the common sense of most Americans for that backlash.
  6. NEWSFLASH: Shit gets broken in a war!
  7. Well you must be watching too much Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reily, because you have your facts wrong (which seems to be increasingly popular with most republicans). Excuse me... did i say "facts"? I meant right wing assumptions. The trial has not been decided to go to a Military hearing. The option is still open, but it has not been decided. So if you would like to reply, then please at least have a valid argument. Stop watching the Fox news propaganda, and get your story straight before you try and debate, and make an even big fool of your self than you already have. That is "common sense" and "credibility"; both of which you have failed to present in your obviously ignorant response.
  8. More Jesus quotes? :confused: