Obama's Numbers After 100 Days

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    Obama's Numbers After 100 Days

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    Voters tell Rasmussen Reports this about President Obama as he reaches his 100th day in office:

    -- Thirty-five perecent (35%) Strongly Approve while 31% Strongly Disapprove of his performance as president. This is the finding for Obama's 100th day in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

    -- Seventy-three percent (73%) expect government spending to go up during the Obama years. This marks one of the biggest changes in perception about the president since he was elected. Last November, just 54% expected Obama would preside over a growth in government spending. On Inauguration Day, 63% held that view.

    -- Twenty percent (20%) expect their taxes to go down during the Obama years while 36% expect a tax increase.

    -- Sixty-nine percent (69%) now say Obama is politically liberal.

    -- Forty-nine percent (49%) say the president is doing a good or excellent job on the economy. Thirty-four percent (34%) say he is doing a poor job.

    -- On national security issues, 50% say the president is doing a good or excellent job while 31% say his performance is poor.

    -- Fifty-four percent (54%) say he is a good or excellent leader.

    -- Forty-one percent (41%) say Obama's more ethical than most politicians. Another 27% say he's about as ethical as his political peers.

    -- Fifty-eight percent (58%) say it's at least somewhat likely Obama will get the troops home from Iraq by the end of his first term in office. This number fell below 60% for the first time this month as violence increased in Iraq and the president opted to shift thousands of troops to Afghanistan.

    -- Thirty-five percent (35%) believe the president is governing on a bipartisan basis while 46% say he is acting as a partisan Democrat.

    -- Fifty-five percent (55%) of voters say politics in Washington, D.C. will be more partisan over the next year, while 29% say it will be more cooperative.

    These numbers and other indicators of the public mood are updated regularly on the By the Numbers page.

    Rasmussen Reports is an electronic publishing firm specializing in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information.

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    Not really, as many of the questions were regarding the economy and spending....
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