Obama's North Korea Solution

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  1. That was a great movie. Kim is so ronery.
  2. What threat does North Korea have to the United States? The country can't even feed its own people.

    Are you one of those guys that thinks Bush's foreign policy in Iraq was a success too?

    Keep watching cartoons or Fox News in order to develop a political opinion.
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  4. What did Adolf Hitler have to do with the US? He was over 3000 miles away.
  5. I accept your sarcasm... but what did Hitler have to do with the US? Nothing...Oh wait... looks like one of Bush's relatives, US Senator Prescott Bush, was involved with Hitler.


    But other than that... Hitler faced no security threats for the U.S.

    The threat of North Korea is even a much, much bigger joke. Get you head out of the neo-conservatives a$$. North Korea cannot do anything to the US. How about we stop telling people how they live their lives and how they can act?
  6. That was Bill Clinton's take on Bin Laden. How did that turn out?
  7. Turned out horrible.

    But I don't believe that was Clinton's take... this argument has been used by the right wing in a attempt to de-legitimize Clinton and his foreign policy (they claim the administration had a chance to kill him and so forth). North Korea is also not a terrorist organization. I mean Al Qaeda was involved in numerous attacks: World Trade Center bombing (1993), United States embassy bombings (1998) and USS Cole bombing (2000). It's like comparing apples to oranges.

    North Korea has never threatened the United States, however. It's not our problem. Plus what's wrong with another country pursuing nuclear weapons? We have 25,000+ war heads. Plus we are the only country to use nukes on a civilian population. Someone should enforce us what weapons we can and cannot have.

    And are we the world's police? How about we protect our own borders? Let's use our resources on American soil instead of other more remote parts of the world. Let's get our 50,000 troops out of South Korea. Why are we running a empire?
  8. Are you really this stupid? Just recently they warned of starting a nuclear war.

    I wonder what a nuclear war will do the stock market and the econonmy in general. Its no threat to us, at all.

    You are the precise reason liberals can't be trusted with national security. Your idea is to let some dictator nuke other countries and not do anything about it.
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    President Barack Obama said the blast and North Korea's test firings of short-range missiles off its coast "pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world,"


    The North also threatened war with any country that tries to stop its ships on the high seas as part of new Security Council sanctions passed in response to Pyongyang's May 25 nuclear test.


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