Obama's new losing streak?

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  1. He is gonna lose West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico and by sizable margins.

    Obama is a socialist and average, non elitist, Americans know this. Thats why Clinton wins the big states and the working class voters.

    Obama's poll numbers are gonna plummet in the weeks ahead. He will lose the remaining states.

    Those who say Clinton should have pulled out are wrong. Clinton will get the nomination but lose to McCain.

    I now how stocks and politics work.
  2. You have absolutely no clue Trader.

    Everyone knew from the beginning that Obama had no chance in Appalachia. Therefore, it will make no difference except to give Clinton an excuse to keep going. The Supers are already moving to Obama in droves. His Super delegate count is now higher than hers. He was way behind just a couple months ago.

    Trader, THIS is what will happen:

    A) Clinton will slaughter Obama in W Virginia/Kentucky (very white states).

    B) Obama will take Oregon, Montana, and S Dakota.

    C) Clinton will take PR by a large margin.

    D) The primaries will be over, and within days after June 3rd, 95% of the Supers will have committed.

    E) Obama will be the official nominee.

    Don't believe me? How much you want to bet? I will bet you any amt of money on this one. Put your money where your mouth is bro. PM me and I'll give you my real name, email, etc.

    BTW, I hate Obama,but you obviously need a little lesson in how things work.
  3. I WONDERED who were those faithful few they mentioned that still thought Hilary would win. Hilary and trad3r. Even Bill probably knows it is over

    Anyway, 0 for 2... You know how your keyboard and mouse work, not much else.
  4. It's an insult to Ameirca that a marxist with ties to a terrorists and and an extremist can make it this far in the first place.
  5. Blame the American voter, not Obama.
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    Bingo. People are idiots. The fact that we've come down to this choice for the highest office in the land - between Obama and McCain - that says we just don't deserve anything better. I guess it's inevitable.

    Supposedly from Alexander Fraser Tytler, but I doubt it:
  8. We can only hope he doesn't win the election. I'm sure McCain will win, but he needs to focus on wedge issues, which is where republicans are strong at.
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    This tells only half the story. Yes, people will demand more and more and will get it. But the parties will differentiate themselves in clarifying how they will deliver those additional benefits: in this current case, the Democrats will pull back from Iraq/Afghanistan and raise taxes; while the Republicans will push to win the war to secure the country, and lower taxes to spur the economy. Same result (more for the average citizen) but different approach... and the Republican strategy takes us to a superior end-state. That's what McCain wants to emphasize.
  10. Yes and in the former the stock market and the USD will scream higher...in the later...not so much.

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