Obamas make rare trip to church while in Hawaii

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  1. KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii – President Barack Obama and his family are making a rare Sunday trip to church.

    Though Obama speaks frequently about his Christian faith, his family rarely attends church services in Washington. The White House says the president hasn't joined a parish because his appearances would be disruptive to the rest of the congregation.

    At least AP is not covering up for Obama's fake Christianity.

    Clinton went to church almost ever Sunday. Most presidents did the same. So now Obama stop going to church because he doesn't want to be disruptive. When he first got to the White house every minister was making a pitch to get his family to join.

    Is there another reason...maybe he doesn't want his kids to be Christians. He doesn't even buy them Christmas presents. Maybe Obama might be partial to another religion. The White House did say Obama does pray everyday, but they never said how many times a day.
  2. Thanks for the post.

    You are a fine example of one who reasons from conclusion, not to conclusion.

    You think giving Christmas presents makes someone a Christian, and that a "real Christian" would give their children Christmas presents and attend Church on Sunday?

    Clinton was a real Christian?

    Oy vey...

    Thanks so much for revealing yourself so fully in your post...

    Go ahead, be a good right winger...wrap yourself in the flag and a cross, you can't disguise who and what you really worship...

  3. When you are a symbol , a leader to others yes sometimes you need to do things just for show. remember Obama and the flag pin, he correctly said by not wearing the pin it did not make less patriotic, but guess who started wearing a pin.

    A President needs to play a role as much as he needs to do what he really believes. Bowing to Muslim kings is more what Obama believes in then Presidential etiquette. maybe it the same for church.
  4. Why does this creature continually try to tell others what their thoughts are?

  5. Gees Optional, the post was about Obama, not Mercor.

    If Obama wasn't so spineless and wishy washy, we wouldn't have to make assumptions. Making assumptions is human nature, Obama most noteworthy line "Let me make myself clear" is the furthest event on his mind.
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    Too bad. I hate world leaders who perpetuate fairy tales.
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    Dumbo already belongs to a church. Given his propensity for pissing away tax dollars I'm surprised he doesn't fly there every Sunday on Air Force One.
  8. Tell me, what is the value of making assumptions about someone's personal relationship with their chosen God?

    Assumptions that can never be proven true or false...

    What a bloody waste of time, focusing on whether or not Obama goes to some church or not, that he is a "real" Christian or not...that he prays or not.

    Last time I checked, there was nothing in the job description of POTUS that had anything to do with their own personal religious beliefs.

    Such a sad commentary on how people evaluate presidents or presidential hopefuls, especially when the right wingers rejected Romney and selected McCain because the right wing didn't think Romney was a "real" Christian...

    Even now, Romney has little chance at the nomination because of the religious inferiority complex of the Christian right...

  9. Ahhh, things for show...like attacking Iraq for show...

    Obama and the flag pin? What a joke.

    Obama bowing? What a joke.

    All the problems we have, and your focus is on making a show?

    Show business?


    There is nothing in the Constitution about the job of POTUS being in show business...

  10. The process of giving to others is the root of Christianity. Even if only symbolically it still has meaning.
    Christmas, for all its commercialism is about people spending their time in thought about taking care of others, thinking about what others would enjoy receiving. This is healthy for society.
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