Obama's living it up while millions jobless and struggling.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by William Rennick, Aug 5, 2010.

What should happen to Obama?

  1. Re-elect

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  2. Vote out

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  3. Impeach

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  1. Nothing but vacations, dates,movies, and more Golf than this prick has ever played in his life. The Ghetto is coming out, time to impeach this fraud, seriously.

    Rennick out:cool:
  2. Grassy Knoll redux?

  3. Where were you when the most stupid president ever was in office, and destroyed the great country that we all love?

    I have never understood how 300 million very intelligent Americans, elected. and re-elected, that disaster.

    Is Rennick a misspell of ReDnEck ? :D
  4. Agree or not with his polices he has done more in 2 years then almost any other president so obviously the golf and dinners aren't getting in the way of his way of his presidential duties

  5. The phantom piddler strikes again!
  6. Bin Laden did more in 1 day than any other terrorist in history.

    Just because something gets "done" doesnt mean its a good thing.
  7. Larson

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    And conditions continue to deteriorate, I do not see any improvements.
  8. We could still be losing 700,000 jobs per month like we were when he came into office
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    A systemic financial meltdown and skyhigh oil prices caused those conditions. The job losses would have abated no matter who was in office. He deserves no credit.
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    Even though i agree with you on almost nothing this was an amazing point, dems seem to judge themselves by the amount of garbage they pawn off on us, never realising that simply doing "nothing" is a good play alot of the time.
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